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Disturbed went on indefinite hiatus in 2011, not a moment too soon. When they first appeared on the scene a little over a decade ago, David Draiman’s bark and growl style of vocals was out of the box. I hadn’t heard very much like it before, so I dug it. For an album or three. Now I’m growing a little tired of the same shit, song after song.

Whoops, this is about Device, not Disturbed. My apologies. You see, without Draiman inviting guest musicians to join on selected songs, this would be pretty much the same freaking thing save the addition of Geno Lenard, formerly of Filter (on their least successful albums). That being said, if you liked the prior iteration of David Draiman’s band than you’ll probably enjoy this album. It’s certainly nothing new or experimental. I have no idea where Draiman got off insinuating this would be more “industrial.” It’s as industrial as Disturbed was… Not really one bit.

The stand out tracks for me: “Vilify,” a decent rock song to jam to in the car. The rapid fire lyrics over the steady distorted guitar is simple rock and roll goodness. The “Close My Eyes,” cover of Ozzy’s song featuring Lita Ford wasn’t too shabby either. Lizzy Hale has a nice voice for the song. I thought of it as a fair tribute to the original. “Out of Line,” a back and forth duet with Serj Tankian is probably the favorite from this album. You’ve gotta love Tankian’s voice. You can hear the crazy in that man in every song he sings with System of a Down and the cuckoo migrates nicely over to this track. “Opinion,” with Tom Morello is the best example of trying to put a silk suit on a pig I can think of in recent musical history. It tries to hook you with pensive, grumpy lyrics, doesn’t succeed, then adds Morello, and still fails to be a good song.

All in all, my final word is that this should have been a Disturbed album titled “Device.” It doesn’t completely, totally suck, but it certainly doesn’t rock my socks either. It’s more of the “meh” rock that’s plaguing the inter-webs and radio waves these days. I’ve relocated this album to the pit of mediocrity where it can reside for all time with with Limp Biscuit’s “Gold Cobra,” Alice in Chains’ “Black Gives Way to Blue,” and everything Metallica has shat out since 1991. I should also mention that the cover at the end of the album, Nine Inch Nails, “Wish,” pissed me off. There’s a good-damned reason that only Johnny Cash could cover “Hurt,” successfully in the public eye. I should include a picture of the hotdog I spit up while listening to it. I should sue. It stained the carpet.

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