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Are you a punk? Do you go to punk rock shows in Florida? If so you must know DJ Skidmark. He is the towering dude with the greatest coif of hair behind the decks everywhere spinning pure punk from all corners of the globe and dear to the local scene like nobody’s business. The nicest motherfucker you’ll ever meet. Give him your record and he will play the shit out of it. Lucky for me I have known him since the early 90’s when he still had longish hair, worked at Peaches and had an AM radio show on WSRF named Zero Zone. Skid lives in my neighborhood and we hang all the time. My favorite part is when he rides his bike over my house and lays a big skid mark down the sidewalk. And you thought his nickname came from a stripe in his underwear.

DJ Skidmark hails from Detroit Rock City, moved to Fort Lauderdale in the late 80’s, headed off to Phoenix in the 90’s only to return to Florida the St. Petersburg way in about 1999. Hurricane Wilma blew him over to Hollywood in 2005 and he has been spinning his collection of punk records at any and every show since then. His real name is Mark Noonan and my wife and I affectionately call him Skiddy. The old schoolers call him Noonan. He occasionally will whip out his soul records to spin to make me happy.

About 2 years ago he set up at our local watering hole, PRL Euro Cafe in Hollywood, and started a punk rock first Friday of the month show. PRL is basically a beer only joint with the wrong dimensions for a band to play in but totally the right atmosphere. Lisa Zomaro the Friday night beer slinger is the coolest cat loving bartender around and she invited Skidmark to do a monthly show or as she said, “He invited himself”. It blossomed into having bands play, the drummer has to set up in the fucking window the place is so small, sometimes one band, could be three and occasionally it is none at all just Skiddy and friends spinning their faves. It has inspired Fausto Figueredo drummer of the infamous LOAD and presently Shark Valley Sisters. Fausto went out and bought gear, and took on the moniker DJ Fiasco. He often shows up on the First Friday now too and has dragged Barry Dangerous (Barry Stock) into the mix another local and fellow Pookiesmacker to spin records all night long.


Skid, Fausto and his love Candice and Lisa behind the bar. photo by Barry Stock

Well in 2016 the idea came up to make a CD and in the future a cassette of the bands that played at the First Friday events and it has come to fruition. Skidmark patiently gathered recorded material from any band that booked a gig or touched the stage there. It took him months but he accumulated a hell of a diverse eclectic collection. 18 bands in all spanning the entire 2 years the event has been happening. Cesar from The Shirt Series made it all happen by producing a limited run of discs and deserves a big thank you from all the bands and fans for helping make this CD happen.

This Friday July 7th the release of the CD will be celebrated at PRL. Rob Elba of Holy Terrors, Shark Valley Sisters fame and our local godfather of punk will be performing a rare solo gig to commemorate it. Records start spinning around 10pm, live music around 11pm, and the beer pouring starts earlier around when the sun goes down. Be there. It’s free you punk.

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