INTERVIEW: Doyle Talks Danzig/Misfits Reunion, Working Out & Cupcakes?!


Cover for Doyle’s new band- DOYLE.

Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein is a living legend in the world of punk/metal guitar. He’s played with the Misfits, Marky Ramone and you can currently check out his new band- DOYLE.

This interview goes down as one of my most intense in my music covering career. My first tattoo was the iconic Misfits Crimson Ghost and the first punk song I learned to play on guitar was “Hate Breeders.” You get the gist, I’m a fan of Doyle’s music. The ex-Misfit was kind enough to take some time out of his busy schedule and chat with us.

I’d like to thank Monsterman Records‘ Robin Takizawa and south Florida artist Dave Berns for making this interview happen.

TuffGnarl: How’s it going Doyle?

Doyle: I’m doing great man how you doing?

I’m doing alright. So listen what’s going on with your new band, DOYLE? What are you guys doing?

We ain’t doing shit right now [laughs] we’re going to put a record out but now we’ve gotta do the drums over because our drummer quit so he’s not allowed to be on my record anymore. So now I’ve got to figure out who’s going to do it but right now I’m just on tour with Arch Enemy having a great time.

You and your brother Jerry Only financed the original incarnation of the Misfits by working at your fathers shop. What kind of shop did your dad run and what did you do there?

It was a machine shop. We had a private business that made parts for a bunch of other people and we worked there 12 hours a day 6 days a week and did the band. It was in Lodi (New Jersey) and then we moved to Vernon up north.

After the Danzig-era of the Misfits broke up you and your brother Jerry started Kryst the Conquerer. Where were you guys going with that? It was a very different style from the Misfits. I noticed how much stuff you guys borrowed from Kryst and used in the Graves-era of the Misfits.

Oh did we use that for a Misfits record? I dunno, yeah I’ll reuse that stuff I don’t give a fuck. If I wrote it I’ll play it whenever I want. I’ll use it in every song.

Well the ’90s Misfits versions had fuller sounding production. Do you remember what the drive was for you two with Kryst the Conqueror?

Yeah, it was learning how to record and write songs and pretty much that was it.

So was Kryst the catalyst that restarted the Misfits in the ‘90s?

Yeah we just needed to learn what the fuck to do so that’s what we did. It was a side project to figure out song structure and recording and you know, all that shit.

I caught you on the cover of Alan Robert’s comic book Killogy. How’d that come about?

He (Robert) just contacted us and said I want to make a comic book and I said go ahead. That was pretty much it.


The cover for Alan Robert’s Special 2014 issue of Killogy.

I asked people on social media if they could ask you any question what would it be. Here are some of the questions your fans threw out there. Rob Zimmerman on Facebook asked, “Have you see the Shakira/ Danzig mashup video?”


No?! Oh man you need to see that. If you take anything one thing from this chat with me today it’s to go watch that video at some point. Gabriel Gurdián Castro on Facebook asked, “What’s your position on anabolic steroids?”

I don’t have a position on it.

We did get a lot of  workout questions from fans. I mean you’re buff as shit man. You always have been.

I’m eating a cupcake right now as we speak.

Damn you Doyle!


DOYLE band backstage. Photo from their official Facebook page.

DOYLE band backstage. Photo from their official Facebook page.

This one comes from Chuck Loose on Facebook- What’s your work out plan?

It’s consistency. I’ve been working out for 40 straight years and everybody’s like “what’s your secret?” I don’t have a fucking secret just fucking do it.

About how much time do you work out a day?

Depends on how much time I have if I have 20 minutes then it’s 20 minutes if I have as much time as I want it can be 45 minutes to an hour.

Do you still talk to anyone from the Graves-era Misfits?

I talk to Graves and I was talking to Chud there for a while but he just bailed on us. I will still talk to him.

Oh he’s the drummer that quit your new record? He played on your last one right?

Yeah he quit right before the tour.

Oh man that sucks.

I mean like the day before. We had to scramble and got Tiny Bubz from T.S.O.L. He flew in on two hours notice and banged it out man. He saved the tour. So yeah I’ll still talk to Chud but I just can’t work with him no more.

Well yeah that’s kind of fucked up dropping out at the last second.

Yeah, it’s okay whatever’s going on in his life it’s the way you gotta go I guess.


Doyle’s Instagram feed is one of the greatest hidden gems on the web –

Oh we just got another workout question, this next question comes from Twitter user @OMG_NOB, “What is your ratio of egg whites to whole eggs?” I’m not even sure I know what that means.

I don’t eat eggs. I’m a vegan.

Well there you go Nathan. Zero eggs.


You did some Danzig Legacy shows in 2011/2012 playing Misfits Danzig-era songs and you’ve gone on record saying that Jerry messed up any and all hopes for a Misfits reunion. Is there really no hope in seeing the three of you on a stage again?

Of course there’s hope.



Oh man that’s a cliffhanger if I’ve ever seen one. I like that. I’ll take it. A lot of people would be very happy if that happened. Do you ever think of your legacy at all? Do you think  about what you’re leaving on this planet after you’re gone? What it’ll mean?

I just want to leave good stuff man, good music. I don’t think about it. So the answer really is no.

**Slider image is from Doyle’s Facebook page.**

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