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Prankster and host to one of the most bizarre television shows in history Eric Andre started his U.S. comedy tour in what state of Florida officials are calling the epicenter of the zika virus – Wynwood, Fl. a.k.a. Miami’s Design District and more specifically at a venue called GRAMPS. I wasn’t sure what to expect as it’s easy to place Andre as this generations’ Andy Kaufman. I guess I was expecting him to annoy his fans with repetitive anecdotes, burst into song and make things “extreme” and “edgy” by peeing on people in the first two rows. But what I got was pleasantly and surprisingly better – it turns out that Andre’s standup is not only totally different from what you get on his Adult Swim show, it’s far better. At heart Andre is a comic with punk rock ethos and an intellect far from what Ted Turner’s channel is selling. He’s nowhere near as abstract as he and others have lead you to believe. I won’t divulge bits from the standup as to not spoil anything but his Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Dice Clay (a phenomenal impression I might add) are tops.


Eric Andre humping a heckler.

An annoying new phenomenon at comedy and music shows are Snapchat hecklers. These folks need to be fed mercury with a side of arsenic for good measure and dunked in molten lava. This show in particular had one of the worst hecklers I’ve ever seen. It was so bad I thought for a long while he was a plant from Andre. Turns out he wasn’t. Andre burned the guy worse than anything I’ve ever witnessed before and ended the show by literally smashing his naked dick on the hecklers back onstage as an encore unbeknownst to the heckler. It was a beautiful moment. Andre killed it on stage and exhibited a trait lost on many comedians today the dude is extremely humble offstage. He chatted and took pictures with fans for a good long while. I highly recommend you catch his act.

Official tour dates and ticket information.

Click for official tour dates and ticket information.

The Eric Andre Show Season 4 Premieres Friday, August 5th at Midnight (EST).

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