EVENT REVIEW: Maple Bacon Coffee Porter Day

This past Saturday, The Funky Buddha Brewery out of Oakland Park, FL had its second annual Maple Bacon Coffee Porter Day (MBCP) and bottle release party. I use the term party loosely as it was more of an extravaganza with bands, food trucks and deliciously crafted beer!

Funky Buddha's Maple Bacon Coffee Porter. (Photo credit Funky Buddha's Facebook)

Funky Buddha’s Maple Bacon Coffee Porter. (Photo credit Funky Buddha’s Facebook)

Let me tell you that this beer is as just as complex as its name. It pours out a deep bronze color with little to no head. As there is no head there’s just a slight bit of carbonation. The aroma is the first thing you notice and you can easily pick up the sweet fragrance of maple. The taste is at first sweet, but quickly turns smoky and finishes off smooth with a taste of coffee. It’s breakfast in beer form! This beer is definitely highly rated, 100 out of 100 on RateBeer.com and 99 out of 100 on BeerAdvocate.com!

This year you were allowed to buy up to four bottles of MBCP, an increase from last year’s inaugural batch. But you may be asking yourself what’s the big deal about this beer? First off this beer is delicious and second it won’t be available again until next year. So if you want to get your fix of this you better stock up now because you won’t be seeing this again for a year.

Maple Bacon Coffee Porter bottling line. (Photo credit Funky Buddha's Facebook)

Maple Bacon Coffee Porter bottling line. (Photo credit Funky Buddha’s Facebook)

If for some reason that beer wasn’t for you, Funky Buddha had several others for you to choose from. On an hourly, timed release they had the following, but not limited to, beers: Fuhgeddaboudit Red Ale, On Top Blonde, Last Snow Porter, No Crusts Brown Ale, Don’t Tell Reece Double Brown Ale, French Toast Double Brown Ale, Jack Daniels Barrel-Aged Old Fashioned Ale, Wide Awake It’s Morning (Imperial MBCP), Sweet Potato Casserole, Nikolai Vorlauf Russian Imperial Stout, Rich Uncle Pennybags Porter, German Chocolate Cake Brown Ale, Stupid Sexy Flanders Ale and Passionfruit Crusher Session IPA!

Now if that partial list of beers by Funky Buddha didn’t make you feel all warm and gooey inside there were several other beers on tap to choose from by other, local, breweries including Cigar City, Tequesta Brewing, Swamp Head, 7eventh Sun and two of Miami’s newest breweries MIA Brewing and J. Wakefield.

Maple Bacon Coffee Porter's new labeling. (Photo credit Funky Buddha's Facebook)

Maple Bacon Coffee Porter’s new labeling. (Photo credit Funky Buddha’s Facebook)

So you have beer but what else do you need? Food of course! There were several food trucks on hand that provided delicious fare along with several special dishes that were paired perfectly with the beer. Some of the food trucks in attendance included, Chaco’s Chinese Tacos (my favorite), Spring In, Roll Out, Sidecar Kitchen, Da Burger Shack and Poblano’s Mexican Fusion.

Not only was there great beer to drink and phenomenal food to choose from but Funky Buddha also provided live music for everyone’s entertainment! In between the different band’s sets there was a DJ helping the vibe of the festival continue. The bands that performed on included Royal Majestique, Shortstraw Pickers, Mike Mineo and The Albert Castiglia Band.

Royale Majestique performing.

Royale Majestique performing.

If you weren’t able to attend this festival you surely missed out! But if you get a chance to try this beer from a friend or a loved one I hope you do!


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