Event Review: Ronin Pro Wrestling 6

In mid-May, a crowd once again filled the Broward College South Campus Gym to see the guest stars PJ Black and Chris Hero, as well as the extremely impressive roster of talent Ronin has in a night with some great high flying matches, boiling feuds and four matches that determined the finalists for the Ronin Pro Wrestling‘s first championship match. Here’s my review of a great night of wrestling:

Malken applies a double nipple lock. | Photo: Speedy’s Productions


 Deimos vs. Edward Malken vs. Alex Chamberlain
Qualifier for the Ronin Title Match

Our first of four matches to qualify for the Ronin title was a triple threat that came in all shapes and sizes, but only one warm welcome for the “Hashtag Warrior” Edward Malken. Clearly outsized by his competition, Deimos and Chamberlain paid little mind to Malken as the match got under way. That quickly changed when Malken grabbed both men’s nipples applying the #nippletwist. This only pissed off both of the men as they quickly teamed up on Malken. Though he was able to hold his own against both using palm strikes and even biting Chamberlain, the size advantage of Deimos and Chamberlain would once again put Malken at the disadvantage. As Chamberlain had Malken on the top ropes, Deimos snuck into the fray and delivered a double power-bomb laying out both men. Deimos then hit Malken with a spear but, just as he was about to apply the pin, Chamberlain hit Deimos with the One and Done, picking up the victory.

Grade: B-
Solid start to the night. Many different personalities and styles came together to put on a good match.


The Savages with Trina Michaels and Amy Rose vs. Monster Tarver and Jeff Boom

An ongoing feud between Tarver and The Savages has boiled over many shows and would finally come to an end. As the Savages entered the ring, boos rained down upon them from the crowd. Trina would take it a step further, calling out Tarver and proclaiming that the Savages weren’t intimidated by the “Monster.” As Tarver and Boom entered the ring preparing for the match, Graves attempts to blindside him but got caught. Boom and Graves went toe to toe and traded hits to try to gain the upper hand. Even the Savage ladies tried to get involved early but to no avail. Finally, when Boom was able to get to Tarver and make the tag, the crowd erupted, but it was short lived as the ref declared he never saw the tag. Stigma used this to the Savages advantage and proceeded to mercilessly dismantle Boom. When it looked like all hope was lost, Boom made the desperation tag to the “Monster” waiting in his corner. Tarver leveled Graves and proceeded to deliver a huge German Suplex to Stigma. As the two went back and forth, exchanging blows after the respective tags were made, they spilled into the crowd. Amy Rose went to distract Boom but he sent her on her way with a smack to the ass. As he turned his focus to Graves, he was met by Trina and Graves with the Brown Mist (Jack Daniels spit in his face.) Graves, using the advantage, delivered a thunderous knee to Boom’s head and put this feud to rest.

Grade: B
Another great showing from the Savage camp and picked up a big victory over Tarver and Boom.

“Fitness Guru” Joey Bricco with Buff Swellington vs. Dash Maverick

Enter arguably the most hated wrestler by this crowd, Joey Bricco. The boos rang loud as the self proclaimed “Fitness Guru” entered the ring. As expected, those jeers turned quickly to cheers as Dash Maverick entered. Bricco quickly tried to gain the upper hand with a cheap shot on Maverick but was quickly countered. Hitting Bricco with a press slam and a massive inverted suplex, it looked as Maverick was going to make this a quick one. But with a quick rake of the eyes, Bricco got his window. As the ref was distracted, Swellington blindsided Dash, and Bricco sneaks back over to get the win and showed the crowd once again how he has punched his ticket to the fatal four-way for the Ronin Title.

Grade: B-
Nothing over the top but a entertaining match and great showing by Maverick using his size vs. Bricco’s agility.

Donovan goes airborn | Photo: Speedy's Productions

Donovan goes airborne. | Photo: Speedy’s Productions

Maxwell Chicago vs. Donovan

This was one of my favorite matches of the night. With a gradual slide from being hated to revered by the fans, Donovan entered to an uproar of cheers from the crowd. Chicago was greeted in a similar manor, but those cheers turned quickly as he told the crowd how much he hated them all. This was a match with a lot of laugh-worthy moments, mostly provided by Chicago. Every attempt at offense was met quickly by Donovan, as he delivered countless knife edge chops, shoulder tackles and even a cross body splash off the top rope. Out of nowhere, former friend Buff Swellington rushed to try and interfere on behalf of Chicago, but Donovan wasn’t having it as he hit the Die-Plex on Chicago. After the victory, he quickly set his sights on Swellington, absolutely demolishing his former friend. As he looked to put an end to Buff, Alex Chamberlain emerged to talk some sense into Donovan. The two showed respect for each other… or so it seemed, as a blindside attack from Chamberlain, complete with a One and Done, left Donovan face down on the mat. Could this be a sign of things to come in the fatal four-way for the title? We’ll find out in July.

Grade: A-
Great balance of entertaining wrestling and comedic value. Watching Chicago is like seeing Archer as a pro wrestler. I’ll let you imagine that if you can.


TECH and Aaron Solo vs. Lucha World Order (Cruz, Rios, and Dorado)

The individuals that make up both sides in this match are always entertaining alone, so what happens when all six are in the ring? Pure pandemonium. T.C. Read and Cruz started this one off after a preliminary rush by TECH and Solo looking to blindside the LWO gave us a fast start. As each fighter got involved, a massive line of leg locks forms. Dorado, with the luck of being the last to join the fray, flipped over the whole line, which then became a six man Boston Crab. Using the advantage, Dorado proceeded to unleash a series of moves that I can’t even begin to describe, taking out all of his opponents. TECH would eventually mount a comeback as manager Jim Sherbert distracted the referee. Eventually, LWO was able to get a fresh man in the ring in the form of Cruz. The major offensive unleashed by Cruz can’t even be put into words that would describe the awesome carnage that transpired. As Dorado was tagged in looking to finish this, Mike Monroe delivered an emphatic power bomb. Somehow this wasn’t enough to keep Dorado down and all six men spilled back into the ring.  The rapid agility of the LWO helped mount a massive come back and in the end three high flying moves from the Luchas, were good enough to get the 1-2-3.

Grade: A-
Two great teams putting on a high action, highly entertaining match. Need I say more? Well I can because it looks like we get an encore at Ronin 7!

Lince Dorado flying high over TC Read

Lince Dorado flying high over TC Read. | Photo: Speedy’s Productions

Chris Hero vs. Mikaze

This one was interesting. Mikaze, who traditionally competes with fellow high flyers and cruiser-weights, went one on one with the brute strength and size of former WWE/NXT stand out, Chris Hero. As soon as the bell was rung, Hero used his sheer size advantage to dismantle Mikaze. Never one to go down without a fight, Mikaze fought back valiantly, hitting hero with a slew of axe handle smashes and an impressive hurricanrana into an arm bar. Thinking he had gotten the upper hand, Mikaze attempted another high risk move from the top rope, this time being met with a massive boot by Hero. Fed up with the size advantage not working, Hero pulled out all the stops and delivered a thunderous tombstone pile driver. With a cocky chip on his shoulder, he covered up Mikaze but only gets the two count! Mikaze, in a shocking moment, removed his mask, revealing his face for the first time at Ronin Pro Wrestling. He began to battle back with everything left in the tank, but Hero countered quickly and hit Mikaze with two K.O. punches and covers him up for the victory. After the match, it looked like Hero was going to inflict further damage to Mikaze but proceeded to raise his arm and shake hands with great respect for his opponent.

Grade: A-
It was nice seeing Mikaze fight someone a lot bigger and still be able to hold his own. Both men put on a great hard hitting match.

Nick Fame vs. Aron Agony vs. Jessy Sorensen
Qualifier for the Ronin Title Match

With Bricco, Chamberlain, and Donovan already punching their ticket to the fatal four-way to decide Ronin’s first champion on July 25th, one opening was left. Once Sorensen, Fame and Agony were set in the ring, Fame laughed off Agony. Being the smallest in the ring didn’t bother Agony, as he cleared both men from the ring. It was short lived, however, as Fame and Sorensen regrouped quickly and took out Agony. With Agony out of the way, Fame and Sorensen went back and forth with neither wrestler catching the upper hand. As they wore each other down, Agony began stirring outside the ring. Sorensen hit a big swinging neck breaker on Fame, but it was short lived, as Agony took to the air hitting Sorensen with a huge aerial attack. Agony attempted to repeat and take out Fame but was caught in the process. As Fame thought he could capitalize, he turned around to a thunderous superkick from Sorensen. As he fell, Agony quickly hit a Senton Bomb on Fame but as Fame managed to get back to his feet, he was met with a second super kick with Sorensen capitalizing on the it for the victory, becoming the last entrant for the Ronin Title Match.


Grade: B-
Another triple threat with a lot of different styles coming together to deliver an entertaining match.


PJ Black with a moonsault on to Mr 450 | Photo: Speedy's Productions

PJ Black with a moonsault on to Mr. 450. | Photo: Speedy’s Productions

Mr. 450 vs. PJ Black

Our main event put Mr. 450  against PJ Black (formally Justin Gabriel of WWE/NXT). Fans were excited to see Black in the ring especially against 450, who has had impressive outings at the last two Ronin shows. This was a classic “anything you can do, I can do better” scenario. The two wrestlers went back and forth in a hard fought match until, finally, 450 gained the upper hand. With the crowd behind him, Black fought his way back, but it would be short-lived as 450 would unleash a barrage of suplexes including off the top rope. When it looked like it was finished, Black mounted a rapid comeback, capping it off with a moonsault off the top rope. As he was about to go in for the pinfall, PJ’s manager Johnny Ferrari turned on him and sided with 450. This allowed 450 to gain the upper hand and the victory.

Grade: A-
Great finale to the show. 450 always delivers a solid match and the in ring work between Black and him definitely made for a proper ending to Ronin 6.

Overall Grade : B+
A solid show from start to finish with a great locker room really putting on a convincing show, proving the sturdiness of the promotions ability to entertain.

All photos by Speedy’s Productions

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