For The Love Of Wrestling: The FSCW and birth of Ronin


The men and women of FSCW/Ronin | Photo: Speedy's Productions

The men and women of FSCW/Ronin | Photo: Speedy’s Productions

For a very select few, the dreams of reaching the top wrestling promotions like WWE and TNA can be a pipe dream. Wrestlers everywhere risk their body all the time for the thrill of walking into an auditorium or VFW hall, to hear the crowd explode in cheers and to deliver, if only once in their career, that awe-inducing moment.

This past Fourth of July weekend, I received the privilege of shadowing Florida Super Championship Wrestling, a promotion that does three to four days of shows just three to four times a year. FSCW is an organization comprised of friends that work a multitude of promotions, as well as some novice wrestlers. FSCW is the wrestling event that takes place at all the South Florida comic cons. The normal alter egos these men and women use get an alter ego of their own for FSCW, as they delve into more of a comic book character role/storyline.

Interviewing Derek Drexl aka Green Arrow | Photo: Speedy's Productions

Interviewing Derek Drexl aka Green Arrow | Photo: Speedy’s Productions

One of the main wrestlers, Derek Dutton (who normally portrays a heel as “The Devil Himself” Derek Drexl), transforms during FSCW events into The Green Arrow, a hero and member of the Justice League of Wrestling. The JLW is a faction within FSCW comprised of Link, portrayed by Aron Agony, and Hurricane Helms, a former WWE wrestler, the longest reigning WCW Cruiserweight Champion and a superhero of wrestling. “I actually flew in from Portland to do Supercon” explains Dutton, “I love working with these guys and have such a great time doing FSCW. I started at Supercon 2012 and haven’t missed a show since”.

Just like any story, you need a villain to make a hero. FSCW does this by taking one of the biggest lists of comic book villain factions and brings them to real life with Cobra. Normally wrestling as Shawn Prime, pro wrestler Marko assumes the role of the main villain and leader of the Cobra Army, Cobra Commander.

“I really love what we do with FSCW,” says Marko. “It’s taking a storyline and telling it within 72 to 96 hours but still leaving it open-ended to be continued the next convention.”

This was the feeling that I got as well. Where WWE has great athletes, they have a roller coast of highs and lows in their storytelling abilities. The smaller promotions like FSCW have good athletes as well, but focus on the storyline.

“We take pride in being story tellers,” he says. “It’s something that WWE and even other smaller promotions don’t focus on as much as I think they should and it’s a shame because that’s how you really build fans. That’s why we have a following for FSCW even though we only get to do it 3 or 4 times a year.”

Aron Agony aka Link doing a Shooting Star Press | Photo: Speedy's Productions

Aron Agony aka Link doing a Shooting Star Press | Photo: Speedy’s Productions

Armed with a following from FSCW, Shawn Prime, Aron Agony, Jonny Vandal and Alex Chamberlain (as well as many more talented wrestlers) will be launching Ronin in late August of this year.

The goal is simple:

“To provide a great show with a great story,” says Ben Temples, manager of FSCW and Ronin. “Our goal is to try and provide the crowd with the full spectrum of entertainment that seems to be lacking in WWE as well as some of the other smaller promotions.”

Temples, as well as Shawn Prime, seem to have the heaviest influence on the direction that the stories will go, and with seasoned wrestlers like Alex Chamberlain, who portrays Captain America during FSCW; and Jonny Vandal, who will be part of an upcoming NXT show; hopes are high to deliver the same thrill to the crowd that the wrestlers themselves feel.

“Nothing even comes close to that adrenaline rush you get when your music hits, and you walk through the entrance way,” says Vandal. “Whether they cheer or boo, the reaction you get out of people, whether it be hundreds or thousands for those 15 minutes – that’s what it’s all about.”

Jonny Vandal and Derek Drexl as Deathstroke and Green Arrow in a Last Man Standing Match | Photo: Speedy's Productions

Jonny Vandal and Derek Drexl as Deathstroke and Green Arrow in a Last Man Standing Match | Photo: Speedy’s Productions

The sentiments expressed by Vandal seemed to echo through every performer in the locker room. After spending four days straight surrounded by these talented up-and-comers and seeing everything from their normal behaviors to psyching up before going to the ring and even enduring injuries while trying to give the crowd the thrill ride of a lifetime, one thing is for sure: FSCW, Ronin and their staff are all about putting on a show that will bridge the passion its wrestlers have over to the fans, and they will have you coming back to hear more of their story.


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