I Found My Summer Shorts: The Tommy Short from Cotton On


Welcome back. In our last installment, I talked about finding a good pair of shorts for the summer, and in my own hunt for said shorts I came across a great find that I wanted to share: The Tommy Short from Cotton On.

These cotton chino shorts are comfortable, a good fit (for my body at least), and quite a steal.

As seen from the fitting room:

These shorts are about a medium rise and slim-legged. The waist falls about halfway between my hips and my belly button, which is around where most of us guys wear our shorts. The leg is slim, but not tight. These aren’t those “punk rock leggings” you used to wear to the skate park.

I was also pleased that I didn’t get the “perma-wedgie” that some lower rise shorts can do. Also, the inseam, which seems to be somewhere around 9″, falls right above the knee for me, which is just about perfect for my height for a nice, clean look.

Did I mention that these suckers won’t break the bank? They normally retail for about $30, but with Cotton On’s current promotion, the Tommy will run you about $20. They are available in pebble (as pictured), blue fog (light blue), and faded black. I think any of these colors would do well with most guys’ collection of shirts, tees, and polos. Visit a nearby store or Cotton On’s website and check them out. You’ll end up looking grown up, cleaned up, and comfy for the summer.

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