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Oakland/Creepsylvania, California’s Ghoul combines the things that make bands like Gwar amazing- costumes, crazy cracked out stories and tons of fake blood.  Linking thrash, death metal, grindcore and occasionally ‘60s surf into the mix and Ghoul destroys everything in its path. Although theoretically the idea of death metal and surf together sounds laughable, take my word for it Ghoul’s Hang Ten may prove to be the brutalest release of 2014. It’s fucking excellent!

One can’t help but imagine Oderus Urungus looking down from Scumdogia screaming “Faster maggots!”

Hang Ten also happens to be a rock opera. So if you’re into epic cannibal motorcycle gang wars then this record is for you. Here’s the story, straight from the band.

Creepsylvania was in tatters…

The state apparatus had been torn limb from limb by the Mezmetron-addled horde. The last of the missing Basilisk’s security detachments were forced into hiding along with their leader, Commandant Dobrunkum. The streets were lawless. Out of the chaos thundered The Midnight Ride of the Cannibals MC.

Led by a murderous thug named Kreeg, the Cannibals terrorized the citizenry and enforced their own sick brand of bloodthirsty highway-justice. Kreeg ruled Creepsylvania with an iron fist from the throne of his iron hog.

Meanwhile, Dobrunkum raised an army of vigilante Sidehackers. Dubbing themselves “The Acolytes of the Basilisk,” they took to the streets to wrest power from Kreeg. The Acolytes were taking Creepsylvania block by block when it was heard that a child had been found in an orphanage in Cannibal territory… a child with the mark of the Basilisk. The Acolytes stormed Cannibal territory in search of the child, but they were overcome and many were captured. Dobrunkum was grievously injured.

Having learnt of the orphan-child from a tortured Acolyte, Kreeg ordered an assembly of the citizenry in the town square. Before the crowd of stunned townsfolk, he proceeded to Hang Ten orphan boys by their necks.

Horrified by Kreeg’s brutality, the people joined with the Acolytes to rise up against the Cannibals. One by one, the Cannibals fell to the fists, blades, and wheels of Dobrunkum’s followers. Kreeg was captured by the frenzied mob while trying to escape. The air smelled of gasoline and gunpowder. There was Blood on the Street.

As Kreeg’s lice-ridden head was forced onto the chopping block, he looked back on his rotten life. His time had come to an end, but he had to admit, It Was a Very Good Year.


Ghoul Live at the Gothic Theatre in Englewood, Colorado. Photo © Adam Hughes

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