Go Van Gogh’s Now We Know is Everything and the Kitchen Sink



San Francisco’s eclectic collective, Go Van Gogh, is an all-inclusive romp through a myriad of musical genres. Putting out albums since 1996, their latest offering, Now We Know finds the band in their usual arena of Balkan, Afro-Cuban jazz, Klezmer, slow blues and country twangs. Silly as that sounds on paper, this band is successful in execution by treating all parts of its whole with respect. They even get the party going, Colombian-style sans-narcotics with the danceable “Juicy Cumbia” which is the most obvious affront of the Latin style they’ve explored in the past and that certainly permeates the overall tone of this disc.

With a band like this, it is true that “live” is a much better option as such a cadre of skilled and versatile musicians does much better in an improvisational setting, but this is a perfect album for everyday life. They might be joking on their page when they hope it makes you “clean your house more joyously,” but it certainly seems on point seeing how I’m suddenly in the mood to do dishes and mop the floor.

Maybe you have some laundry piling up in the corner of the bedroom, maybe it is high time a little vacuuming gets done. If so, pick up the album here. Maybe you’ll even ask your lady to dance with you.

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