Hello Elevator Releases Self-titled EP @ Respectable Street Party


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This is a really solid preview of an up and coming group from South Florida. Hello Elevator cuts cloth from many musical genres, borrowing from classical and alternative rock, atop a foundation of hip hop and soul. The keyboardist joked during the show how they smile and laugh and have a great time while singing about fucked up things. That notion shows in the music, bitter and sweet at the same time. Having a hip hop lyricist accompanied by two alternating vocalists keeps each song feeling pleasantly separate and unique among the neighboring songs. I hope to see a full length album in the future. I should mention how great this group is live. I’ve seen them twice, once in a club, and once at The Beat Cup in Delray. All in all, this is a nice little sample package from Hello Elevator, but if you really want to get an idea of what this quintet is about, go see them live; great fun will be had.

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