Onyx totally ripped off Miami punks Against All Authority

You can’t criticize Onyx for their taste.

Tactfulness, however, is a different matter altogether.

The hip-hop duo from Queens, New York—whose anthemic single, “Slam,” helped their 1993 album, Bacdafucup, go platinum—released an EP in 2015 with a title and artwork more-than-eerily similar to the interior artwork of Miami ska-punk legends Against All Authority’s 1996 split EP with The Pist.

Similarities are bound to occur now and then in art. Sometimes the similarities are intentional. In this case the Onyx release is even titled “Against All Authorities.”

Former AAA member Macbeth Proenza claims neither the band nor the artist who created the original artwork were contacted for permission.

“This [sic] people didn’t contact any of us band members or the artist…” he said on Facebook.

Although the album in question from rappers Sticky Fingaz and Sonny Seeza came out more than a year ago, discussion and concern about its artwork and title only recently began.

More as this story develops.


CORRECTION: This story originally attributed the album art pictured above to artist Omar Angulo based on an incorrect source. While Mr. Angulo did indeed create artwork that may have been co-opted by Onyx’s design team, he actually did not create the image pictured. According to Against All Authority it was frontman Danny Lore himself who is responsible for the design.

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Jesse Scheckner

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