Holly Hunt – Prometheus


It is rare in drone metal to find an outfit that can manage the careful and seamless balance of building the nods of annihilation whilst pirouetting into the proceedings from the sidelines and adding enough fresh and exciting nuances. Holly Hunt’s Gavin Perry (guitars) and Beatriz Monteavaro (drums) have forged such an effort in their 12” EP, Prometheus. While their first full-length, Year One, encapsulates everything that is good and solid from this band, this EP presents the notion of a thematic timeline within its instrumental compositions.

Here we are presented with “Meano,” a short track that denies a setup and attacks with the EP’s poppiest salvo doing just enough to opiate the senses before Greek mythology comes violently alive with “Saturn Devours His Children.” What it owes from Goya’s painting is nothing and what it gives is a better understanding of the masterpiece’s darkest sections. It is still vibrant like flashes of red blood or the wide-eyed/impossibly white sclera but these are the inner demons of human psychology feasting on interpretation.

Things live up to the titan’s handiwork on the title track. Was Prometheus the titan a trickster? A champion for humanity? Its destroyer? Creator? We won’t glean the answer from this particular entry, but Holly Hunt does enough to stage a two-act play in which the benign efforts of the clay-shaper are identified first before the gift of fire falls into the thankful hands of naïve humans unprepared to accept and work with such a potentially destructive offering. This EP is the grueling sort of catharsis you need to fully relax your musculature.

Order the 12” EP + DL here.

Slider image compliments of Bleeding Palm.

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Abel Folgar

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