Holy Terrors, “Cigarettello” Re-release at SWEAT.

Johnny Thunders sang, “You can put your arms round a memory.” However, time tends to soften the impact of the past. Once upon a time, the Holy Terrors were young, punky lads with a shot at the brass ring via Chris Blackwell of Island Records. Normally, this would be the part in the story where the band gets signed and the adventure begins, right? Real life doesn’t follow the rules of fantasy books, and if it does in extreme cases mundane parts are often embellished or buffed to a high gloss shine that re-imagines them as non-existent. The Holy Terrors were not signed by Island Records and in fact would go the route of many over looked luminaries by adopting more of the DIY aesthetic that defines punk rock. The band hit a high point in the nineties and would be part of the core group of South Florida bands that would define what the region could be. South Florida has never had a “sound” per se, (how would one define the Eat, LOAD, the Holy Terrors? Punk? Rock? All the above?) there’s sort of an amalgamation of lo-fi, get high, pop aesthetic that informs all these groups in one way or another. There’s a lot that can be said about that latter part, but I digress. Those halcyon days produced some music that would define the region, and “Cigarettello” the second single by the Holy Terrors was one of those releases.

Originally released in in 1992, “Cigarettello” the single became a staple on Miami’s own WVUM, and Rich Ulloa of Yesterday & Today Records claimed it’s the best-selling local single in Y&T’s history. 27 years later Y&T is releasing a limited edition of the EP with two recently-unearthed never before heard songs recorded by Rat Bastard on 16-track 1” reel tape in 1990. Elba had this to say regarding the release:

“The two additional songs were from an original recording session we did in 1990…they were the only two songs on there that weren’t taped over. “She Was on Fire” was the one holdout song Dan and I brought from our previous Boston band Inside Outburst…Sam says it’s the first song he learned with us, and Tubular Hells is an instrumental inspired by Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells (Exorcist theme). For the release party at Sweat, all the performers will be doing their own versions of “Cigarettello”

Unfortunately, the music world lost Dan Hosker to a car accident in 2012 and South Florida lost Sam Fogarino to Interpol. However, the music made by the Holy Terrors still sounds fresh and interesting. Can Island Records say the same thing about their big signing from 1992, Dru Hill? Sweat Records is hosting Rob Elba, Sam Fogarino and Rich Ulloa with special guests: Humbert, Brady Newbill, Turtle Grenade and Rat Bastard, amongst others on Thursday, May 9th for the EP, re-release. All the proceeds go towards the Dan Hosker Music Continuum, an organization started in the artists name that raises money for music scholarships. Come support a good cause while we collectively thumb our noses at the #1 song of 1992: “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston. That song made all the money, it gets no hugs!

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