In Loving Memory of Fred Phelps Sr., A Musical Tribute

Pastor Fred Phelps pictured in 1998
Millions of caring and understanding hearts are saddened today by the loss of the beloved preacher Fred Phelps Sr. Born on November 13, 1929 in Meridian, Mississippi, Phelps was best known to the world as the spiritual leader of the unifying and love-promoting congregation of the Westboro Baptist Church located in the Topeka, Kansas; also known as the city of brotherly and sisterly love.

Of all his accomplishments, the love of his flock was certainly his greatest but insulting the objective souls of the Ku Klux Klan is probably his second. Phelps leaves behind a huge void that will undoubtedly be filled by one of his many sister-daughter-cousin/son-uncle-nephew relations that he has left now that he has gone the “way of all flesh.”

Ours is but a small musical tribute in the coming waves of emotional out-pour his passing shall surely bring.

Turbonegro – “Deathtime”
Eventually, we will all go the way of the flesh. Some sooner, some later, some deserving, some overdue.

Sloppy Seconds – “I Don’t Wanna Be A Homosexual”
Some people are just born that way. It’s a fact Jack!

Geto Boys – “Die Motherfucker”
Our thoughts exactly!

Slayer – “God Send Death”
“For He shall come for his wayward children who’ve runneth from the flock and sowed seeds unworthy of His love.” I Corinthians 5:23

GG Allin – “Kill Thy Father, Rape Thy Mother”
GG’s always had a message of goodwill, not like the dearly departed.

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