Innerspeaker V. Mary Katrantzou Resort 2014

Listening to Innerspeaker, Tame Impala’s first album, is no good unless you have the album cover  close at hand. Peering through some trees into the Rocky Mountain infinity brings the cosmic wholeness musician/songwriter/lead singer, Kevin Parker, craved for Innerspeaker. Kevin told WOW Magazine, “I love imagery that is nice, but fucked up. More specifically geometrically fucked up. Or something that implies something infinite.”

Designer Mary Katrantzou, recently launching her first resort collection, channels the same geometric perpetuity. Since the dawn of Katrantzou’s career, vestiges of her former interior-designer dreams have lace her prints with a variety of symmetries and recurrences creating carefully layered complexities. Her prints being  like hallucinations of lucid landscapes projected onto dresses and suits, with the occasional shadows of organza silhouettes. Katrantzou’s resort 2014 collection features four five or six different landscapes of Japanese gardens, roses, cherry blossoms, modern industrial architecture and faces of buildings.

As different as Tame Impala and Mary Katrantzou may seem, they  both are psychedelic artists of  their own distinct analog/digital variety. Nothing spells psychedelic better than self-expression and integrated distortion; an art both Katrantzou and Tame Impala have skillfully mastered. Such mastery has won Tame Impala endless praise for both of their albums and Katrantzou recognition among the likes of Bill Blass and the British Fashion Council. Hopefully in the near future Mary Katrantzou and Tame Impala bring the music and fashion atmospheres together in a when-two-worlds-collide collaboration. Tame Impala could play at the Mary Katrantzou fashion shows, Mary could design the merch for their upcoming North American tour … a match made in heaven if you ask me.

also, belated big up to Leif Podhajsky for the crazy cosmic cover art. 

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