Interview: Eddy Torres of Dissever

One of Miami’s favorite metal bands, Dissever, is headlining their final show with bassist Anthony Beaulieu this weekend at Churchill’s Pub in Miami. Along with the headliner, there’ll be an ample amount of other bands on hand performing, including Silenmara, Falseta, State of Solitude, Letters of the Lost and Echoes of a Nightmare. Plus, there’ll be three bands reuniting for the show including Murderous Ambition, Vultures are Wolves and My Amends.

I had an opportunity to speak with Eddy Torres of Dissever before the show.

DISSEVER performing. (Photo credit: DISSEVER Facebook)

DISSEVER performing. (Photo credit: DISSEVER Facebook) For those who don’t know you, tell us a little bit about yourself and the rest of the band?
Eddy Torres: My name is Eddy Torres and I’ve been the vocalist/keyboardist for DISSEVER since 2006. The band had been around before I joined for several years, trying out different singers and writing music. The core group consisted of Anthony Beaulieu and brothers Brian and Billy Jenkins.

How did they come up with the band’s name?
Not sure if it was Billy or Brian, but they saw the word being used in a poem titled “Annabel Lee” by Edgar Allan Poe. By definition, the word means the act of separation. The music that they were writing really was different from anything else in the scene at the time. So it made sense.

Ok, if you could open for any band, past or present, who would it be?
Past, Pantera, and present, Mastodon.

So I’ve seen that this is Anthony’s last show, why is he leaving and would you guys go on without or change your name until he gets back?
Anthony is moving to Seattle to focus on a dream job working in the marijuana industry. We plan to continue writing and recording music as Dissever with Anthony in Seattle. Obviously, playing shows is not realistic with such distance, but out of respect for his writing and the years we’ve been together, I think finding a new bassist just wouldn’t be right. I believe in the meantime Billy, Brian and myself might start a new project, something a little different.

What are some of the band’s accomplishments that you’ve achieved while together?
We’ve released two full length LPs: 2007’s Apparently with No Surprise, which we recorded at home and was then mixed and mastered by Jeremy Statska (Poison the Well), and 2012’s A Question of Separation, half of which we recorded at the Beiler Bros Studio with Matt LaPlant (Nonpoint, Sikth) and the other half we recorded ourselves at the Redlands Studio. Then, we had it mixed & mastered by Jamie King (Between the Buried & Me).

We did a couple tours hitting states like Texas, North Carolina, Arkansas and more. We were fortunate enough through the years to open up for some amazing bands such as Thrice, Animals as Leaders, O’Brother, Soulfly, Static X, Deicide, The Human Abstract, Dance Gavin Dance and more.

I know you’re a big MMA fan. What do you think of all of the recent suspensions? And in particular, Nick Diaz’s?
I think it’s bullshit to suspend someone for five years for smoking pot. Steroid users don’t even get that much of a fine and it is way more damaging in the octagon than pot.

Is it true that you’re the reason that Churchill’s has a craft beer selection and not just PBR?
Haha, not true. They had Dale’s Pale Ale in there before I came around. I can say that the selection has definitely gotten better since I brought in beer from Cigar City Brewing.

If the world were to succumb to the events of The Walking Dead, how long would the members of the band survive? Why?
We’d last until we died of natural causes. We’ve survived living with each other on the road. Plus we’ve all worked or currently work with building things, etc. Plus, Anthony has guns, so we’re good.

Do you guys plan on or have any individual music projects?
Billy plays drums for Colbert the Band right now, Brian is playing with Remembering Never and I have a couple projects I am working on. Presence, with Jason Gato of Silenmara, is an experimental acoustic project. I am recording vocals for Third Impact, which features Jonathan and Alex of Murderous Ambition and Davin of Shroud Eater and Moirae. I’m not sure if that’ll be a project we take out for shows or just record albums.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?
Yeah, please come out to Churchill’s on October 9th at 8pm to watch Dissever’s last performance for a while and witness some great bands that are reuniting for the night, like Murderous Ambition, My Amends and Vultures are Wolves, with myself on bass, and support our friends also playing the show: Silenmara, Falseta, Letters of the Lost, Echoes of a Nightmare and State of Solitude.


Official flier for DISSEVER's final show. (Photo credit: DISSEVER Facebook)

Official flier for DISSEVER’s final show. (Photo credit: DISSEVER Facebook)

Remember, join us on Saturday, October 9 at Churchill’s Pub (5501 NE Second Ave, Miami, FL) for Dissever’s final show. The show will start promptly at 8p.m. and admission costs $5 at the door.


(Slider image credit: DISSEVER Facebook)

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