Interview: Notorious Nastie releases new Miami goth party anthem “Friday I’m a Goth”

The song Friday I’m a Goth is much more than a silly take on Robert Smith’s classic Friday I’m in Love. In his new video, Nassie Shahoulian, more commonly known as the Notorious Nastie, seals his place as an artist that not only retools and reshapes pop culture to his own image but one that manages to reflect society’s own ridiculousness.

Notorious Nastie embodies how everyone else sees you in the real world. He is Joe Blow Everyone without the delusions that people make up for themselves. He is the mirror that you look at and realize that you’ve let yourself go. He is the fourth dimension looking into itself at ol’ ugly old poser you. There’s some deep philosophical shit to Nastie’s art and I think it makes people envious and hateful because he calls people out without having to say a single word. That scares a lot of artsy establishment types.

I sat down with Notorious Nastie to discuss the video, Blowfly’s recent passing and a few other things. Congrats on your new Friday I’m a Goth video. It is quite amazing. A lot of people probably don’t realize that you’ve been a part of the goth scene in Miami for ages, right?
Notorious Nastie: I’ve been the official host of the Kitchen Club for about five years, but I’ve been in the scene since I was in high school. We used to go to on Sunday nights, then we’d go straight to school Monday morning. Lucky for me, I was so unruly that my teachers let me sleep in class.

Now that the CDC has come and quarantined Blowfly permanently, you’re it, man. You’re the last party musician down here. What are your thoughts on that?
Blowfly may have passed on to the next life, but his music, like the bacteria under his fingernails, will live forever. I would never try to fill Blowfly’s shoes, because homie never wore socks. Seriously, Blowfly is king and I will miss him .


Have you ever considered a musical of your life’s work? Maybe you can get a James L. Knight grant and hold the musical at Adrienne Arsht Center.
Yikes! Sounds like a nightmare. My life has been hard enough without having to rehash my awkward past experiences set to music, every night of the week and twice on weekends. Paperwork is not exactly my forte and grants require reading and writing and shit, but I do love musical theater. I even had the lead in Fiddler on the Roof once, off Broadway.

You’re always surrounded by the most beautiful Miami girls. What’s your secret, Nastie? What’s a fat fuck got to do to secure that MIA Grade-A gold?
It’s easy for me because Miami woman love the  creative type.  I feel bad for these trendy cats and their weak come on-lines. They remind me of baseball when it rains, because they have “no game.” Bro wearing an Ed Hardy shirt couldn’t get laid if he was an egg.

You were Uncle Luke’s former campaign mascot. Who do you think will win the ticket for President of the United States?
I’m not really sure. Politics are so 2005, bro, but I will say if millennials had their way Fetty Wap would be President. We are doomed.


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Chuck Livid

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