Interview: PEARS – Punk rock’s last hope?

PEARS – Framework

Last Friday New Orleans’ PEARS blasted their way through a fierce 25 minute set opening for Teenage Bottlerocket at West Palm Beach’s Respectable Street. The venue once again did a phenomenally horrible job promoting the gig (somthing I’ve discussed here in the past) but as soon as I heard about the show I contacted PEARS and their guitarist Brian Pretus agreed to do an interview and allowed me to film their set. I was really surprised by how awesomely nice the guys in the band really are.

In the short amount of time, two days to be exact, I blasted their debut record Go to Prison over and over again and read everything I could find about the band. After seeing their set at Respectable’s I’ve come to the following conclusion – PEARS is the most promising band that I have seen in 10 years. Chip Fracture of The Dwarves had mentioned how great the band was live and that really surprised me as I’ve known Mr. Fracture for years and he hates everyones band. PEARS had also been recently bashed on Facebook by pop punk veteran Ben Weasel a few days prior and even though I usually agree with Ben’s public comments on contemporary music 9 out of 10 times I have to wholehearted disagree with his assessment that “PEARS are terrible.” So without further ado, here’s my interview with PEARS. interviews PEARS



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