SHOW REVIEW: Colombia’s I.R.A. at Kreepy Tiki 03-05-17


The last time I saw Colombia’s quintessential punk band I.R.A. (Infexion Respiratoria Aguda) was back in 2004. Harry from the Knumbskulls along with some other people in the scene helped launch a U.S. tour for the band starting at Churchill’s Pub in Miami. The band totally annihilated that night and 13 years later I can proudly say that I.R.A. has cemented their place in punk rock history. A band whose ethos were built on the pillars of community, DIY and political activism.

Starting the show was Miami’s Nutcheck. I’ve heard a lot about this band and even managed to sit in on an interview Tim Moffatt did with them for Chuck Loose’s “Get Loose” zine a few months back but I had never seen them live. They totally brought it. Nutcheck’s a band that everyone should check out.

Miami punks Antifaces played next and slayed. Their set made me realize the wonderful urgency in punk rock that’s sung in Spanish. These guys pull it off extremely well and put on a hell of a set.

The Gazms followed up and as always brought it. Fabio (guitar/vox) is my personal hero when it comes to three chord guitar songs with insane leads. Sure Wastelands’ Alex Nunez is hailed as a local guitar hero but all I’m saying is that when it comes to basic punk rock progressions Fabio’s got that shit on lock down. It also helps that the rest of the band are on point. Seriously Ramones 1..2..3..4 style. I fucking love that shit.

Scum Punch started closing the night before I.R.A. took the stage. They’re another band I’ve missed before and holy shit did they not disappoint. Marcio of The Crumbs drums with these dudes and everyone’s favorite ex-Miami / now Harlem based bar back Nestor Perez leads the pack. What a fucking killer set.

Finally, the only band that makes me want to pogo hard as fuck while eating empanadas and arequipe, I.R.A.! What can I say about this band that hasn’t already been said? They’re fucking legends that don’t get slower with time, they’re as relevant now as they were when they started in 1985 and they own whatever stage they’re on. This was one hell of a show and I.R.A. did not disappoint. Overall this show was one of the best I’ve been to in years and it’s a real shame to think that Kreepy Tiki will be shutting its doors for good in a few weeks. Other than the event we threw there this show will be the one of my fomdest memories there. R.I.P. Kreepy Tiki. Viva I.R.A.!

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Chuck Livid

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