Kevin Arrow: #MyHandHoldingThings, A Digital Gallery

Kevin Arrow is a multidisciplinary artist living in Miami Beach who has been a part of South Florida’s art and music scene since the ‘80s. A painter, filmmaker, photographer and collagist; he has recently turned his obsessions with collecting and collections (read: obsessive compulsive behavior) to his Instagram presence with the hashtag #MyHandHoldingThings. There is something inherently archival about the project which seems in line with Arrow’s career as a museum professional but there’s something incredibly personal and intimate about the ongoing catalog.

We had a chance to chat with Arrow about the project and he has graciously allowed us the use of his images for a taste of the project’s ongoing assessment of a lifetime’s hubris and impedimenta.

Tuff Gnarl: How did the hashtag, “my hand holding things” come about?
Kevin Arrow: It was a pretty straight forward description of what was happening, and I probably had just learned how hashtags function. Another Instagram user named REDJAPANDA had posted her hand holding a can of Sangria Mocktail wine fruit punch beverage over 100 weeks ago! According to Instagram, my first image was posted 53 weeks ago. There are currently 640 images which is relatively small in the realm of hashtags. Also some friends have contributed to the feed which is interesting.

Is there a rhyme or reason to the way you catalog objects?
The cataloging process has no specific guidelines. It is one part journal, one part show and tell. I am noticing themes arising from the process.

Given that a lot of the objects that you have photographed you have found at work, is there a double validity/reinforcement of that object’s place in the world?
The line which divides my work and personal life tends to be blurry. I spend most of my life at work, surrounded by things so this is where a majority of the magic happens. I am not sure what double validity or reinforcement means in this context, but if I can hold something and it resonates, then I photograph it.

How do the objects that fall into that category go from institutional to personal?
Everything is personal.

Is there anything your hand won’t hold?
I try to avoid dirty things.

What other collections of yours have not been held yet?
That is a good question. I am interested in the collections of others and finding things from my past and reconnecting with them. Concepts of possession interest me. My hand holding money would be nice. Imagine no possessions, I wonder if you can.












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