LIVE EVENT – The cursed undead prowl, lurch and eat pizza at Zombie Crawl Miami

Saturday, October 18. As the night rolled on, the horde emerged. Slowly at first, but like any good contagion it spread confidently into a full-blown outbreak of locals in makeup and costume at Zombie Crawl Miami in Wynwood. Initially starting at Shots and moving through Gramps, the Butcher Shop, Wood Tavern and Brick House, Zombie Crawl lured the masses into bars and dance clubs all within a few blocks of one another. Here are some pictures and a video from the event. If you don’t see your photo below, you can view all of Matt and Dave’s pics of the event by clicking here.



No way out. | Photo: Matt Mackle


At Brick House. I’ve heard of keeping a pick in your hair, but a knife? | Photo: Matt Mackle


I love the green girl. Maybe it’s just the Kirk in me. | Photo: Dave Echevarria

Gloriously detailed face makeup. His costume was labeled “CDC,” complete with a disease-spraying fluid reservoir. See my photobucket link above to see the whole thing. Scroll down to see him try to eat a slice of pizza. | Photo: Matt Mackle


This one wasn’t actually a costume; he was just drunk on gin and Hawaiian Punch. Haha, just kidding. Thanks for the pose, dude. | Photo: Dave Echevarria



A group of four about to be attacked from behind and eaten. Scary! | Photo: Dave Echevarria


The flannel and skull cap make me think this one was turned around 1994. Way to survive. | Photo: Matt Mackle


Finally got them under control. | Photo: Matt Mackle


I heard the ladies room line was misery, but this is ridiculous. Kind of like these captions. | Photo: Matt Mackle


Video: Zombies have to eat too. Watch as this one tries to devour some food truck pizza.




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