Look like a grownup, dammit!


As I have grown into the man I am today, I can definitely say that I have not been the model of a well-dressed individual; well as far dressing like an “adult” goes anyway. Being from the punk rock scene, I prided myself on dressing different, like an individual. I have plenty of pairs of colored denim and a band T-shirt for every band I’ve heard of, which amounted to a lot. But I took a lot of pride in that. I am and have always been very conscious of my appearance. Every outfit I wore to a show, a function, to work, was some sort of deliberate statement in one way or another.

In the last couple of years, I have found myself thrust into the role of stepfather, and it goes without saying that I’m definitely considered more of an adult than kid these days. I traded my leather jacket for a suit jacket, or should I say a navy blazer. I feel like most guys tend to stick to one or two key pieces in their wardrobe, and mine have become the bow tie and the sport coat. Being that I work for a men’s wear store helps a little, but also wanting to be taken seriously as an adult is another big factor in this. I am officially a grown-up, with grown-up responsibilities. In order to portray this to others, I have adopted a lot of “classic” elements into my personal style. The one piece I seem to be always gravitating towards is my navy blue blazer.

I have found that this one jacket in my wardrobe is by far the most versatile thing I own. Button up and slacks, t-shirt and jeans, pretty much anything but shorts and the color black. I could have just woken up, put on a rumpled shirt and the first pair of pants I saw on the floor of my bedroom, and that jacket will make it look just right, just put together enough, that old people will acknowledge me and kids will call me “sir.”
(If black is you preferred color of dress however, I suggest a grey sport coat as your go to. But, it’s basically the same idea.)

Now, just because this is in fact a more “formal” look doesn’t mean you have to pull it off like a banker. Even in my days as a punk rocker, I took a cue from guys like Elvis Costello, Joe Jackson, and Nick Lowe and made it a bit more fun. Yes, you can play it safe and go very traditionalist with this look, but you can have some fun with it. I found some random photos and made us a little inspiration album so you guys can all see what I’m talking about.

Next time, We’ll talk about how to procure one of these mystic blazers I speak of, and on the cheap, then we’ll go into how not to look like an old man with this jacket, I’d love to hear any input you’ve got so don’t be afraid to drop me a line!

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Richard Buznego

Punk rock stepdad. Plays rock and roll, works retail, wears bow ties.

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