Look like a Grownup (When It’s Hot Outside) – A Primer On Shorts For The Summer

It’s been really hot outside lately, so with that in mind, you’re definitely going to want to put on some shorts. That is no reason not to still look cleaned up and adult-like.

Here are a few ideas for some nice fitting shorts to make the summer months more bearable while still looking your age.


Seems easy enough, right? I’d say slim is okay, but try to stay away from tight, skinny fits (unless you’re an avid cyclist) that may not be the most flattering or the most comfortable. By the same token, stay away from your ten-year-old’s baggy cargos and Grandpa’s fisherman shorts. Those will date you in the worst way possible. As for inseam, stick to around 9-11″ for shorts. A 9″ inseam on a guy around 5″10′ should hit right above the knee, which is both modern and quite comfortable. If you’d prefer not to show your knees, opt for the 11″ inseam (aka Bermudas) for a more timeless look.


When it comes to color, khaki or navy blue work well with most guys’ wardrobes, but if you’ve already got those bases covered, go crazy! I like mint green, coral pink, white, and true blues for the summer, like a good pair of “f#%& you” shorts that you could pair with a white button up with the sleeves rolled up. It’s a clean, yet fun summer look.

So go forth, get some funky-colored shorts, and have fun with this whole grown up thing!

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