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One evening I was browsing eBay on the random quest for a bright red blazer. When I found a seller who had such a garment, it led me to The Blazer Bros, a Tennessee-based company that specializes in the most off-the-wall jackets one could want. I dropped them a line out of curiosity and a week later I ended up with a little number called “The Trust Fund Baby

For about $50, you too can own one of the Bros’ creations. Constructed from cotton (which is nice for South Florida weather) and fully lined, these jackets are quite a steal for a new garment. Here’s the scoop on my “Trust Fund Baby.”

This green tartan plaid blazer makes me think of the crazy Madras sport coats you might see on an episode of Mad Men. It’s definitely a blazer one would wear if he wanted to stand out or go to a Mad Men-themed party. I thought this jacket screamed for a white oxford and a knit tie, as pictured. This is definitely a party jacket, and in some ways is a bit more of a costume piece. It all depends on you and what kind of confidence you bring to the table when wearing such a flashy garment.

Being the menswear guru that I tend to be, I of course did perform a quick “fit check.” The jacket was shipped in my size, but not all jackets fit the same. Their garments are true to size, and a more traditional cut (definitely not slim fit, but not baggy either). I was pleased with the fit in the body. For me, the jacket was a bit on the long side, but passable. The ‘Bros don’t do short jackets, so if you are under about 5’7″ I would not recommend this model in particular because your jacket would be way too long and you’d pay far too much to have it tailored.

There is definitely a lot of structure in the shoulder, provided by what feels like a foam shoulder pad. With that much form, I feel like I wouldn’t be able to wear this blazer with just a t-shirt or without a tie. This structure, however, will help a smaller guy or a guy with sloped shoulders look a bit more broad, which can be a plus for some gentlemen. I’m not a big fan of this shoulder design, but the fit is right so it doesn’t look “off.”

One thing that did not work for me was the sleeves:

For my height (about 5’9″), these were way too long. To The Blazer Bros’ defense, most jackets in this price range do come with longer sleeves in order to accommodate most men. The issue with that is that most guys will not bother to get the sleeves tailored, giving a “you borrowed your dad’s old suit” impression, which isn’t a good one and tends to make one look disheveled. Granted, most of us would not use this thing in a serious business setting, but if business casual does take you there (and even if it doesn’t), I would recommend getting your blazer fitted and tailored (or at least take a trip to you grandma’s sewing machine; she misses you).

The other thing I noticed were a couple of these:

There were a couple of random threads hanging from seams in the jacket. I definitely put this one in the “you get what you pay for” file. A brand new $50 blazer isn’t going to be perfect, but for what it is, I think it’s a great “bang for your buck” kind of piece. This is not a jacket you’d wear every day, but it’s a great one to have for a night out on the town, theme party, or a punk rock show.

So, bro… Seriously, bro – give The Blazer Bros a shot. Whether you party like it’s 1969 or 2099, one thing is for sure: you’ll look good doing it.

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Richard Buznego

Punk rock stepdad. Plays rock and roll, works retail, wears bow ties.

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