PREVIEW: Ronin Pro Wrestling Looking for a Third Strike with Ronin III

Ronin has been packing venues since it's inception | Photo: Speedy's Productions
Ronin has been packing venues since it’s inception | Photo: Speedy’s Productions

Since September, an up-and-coming indie promotion has kept me more entertained than any other wrestling faction. Ronin Pro Wrestling has been entertaining both in the aspects of storytelling and because of their talented locker room.

This Saturday, at the historic Ft. Lauderdsale War Memorial Auditorium, Ronin will put on an event featuring the likes of Booker T, Justin Credible, Shane Douglas, Rhino, Bobby Lashley and Raven, as well as their very talented locker room.

For the past three weeks, their storylines have taken over this wrestling fan’s social media feed, with great promos, storyline progression and characters building that are consistent with their shows. It has intrigued me more than what WWE has produced in quite some time.

Jim Sherbert and his undefeated tag team, T.E.C.H. | Photo: Speedy's Productions
Jim Sherbert and his undefeated tag team, T.E.C.H. | Photo: Speedy’s Productions

That’s ultimately what it comes down to with sports entertainment. Can the product keep the audience engaged? With fans chiming in with thoughts of the rivalries being built and even the wrestlers striking up plenty of controversy online–not just between them and fans, but even the powers that run the company–all eyes are on Ronin. Will they deliver in a venue where the likes of WWE, ECW, WCW and many other legendary companies have seen great crowds and action to match it? We will find out this Saturday.

Saturday, December 6, 2014
War Memorial Auditorium
800 NE 8th St, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304
Box Office Opens @ 3:00pm
Fan Fest Pre-Show w/ Exclusive Matches: 4:00pm-7:00pm
BELL TIME – 7:30pm

Bobby Lashley vs. Donovan
Rhino vs. Romeo Roselli vs. Alex Chamberlain
Edward Malken vs. Shane Douglas
Justin Credible vs. Mad Man Pondo vs. Jude Mackenzie vs. Milo Beasley
Leva Bates vs. Crazy Mary Dobson II
Shawn Prime vs. Jonny Vandal
T.E.C.H. vs. The Fanboys
Mikaze vs. Mr. 450
Jesse Sorenson & Oliver Cain vs. Joey Bricco & Swole Buff Swellington
Aron Agony vs. Jack Zero
The Savages vs. Maxx Stardom & Dash Maverick

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