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The film making scale of Man of Steel is right for the character. When Superman fights a group of Supermen it should basically bankrupt every insurance company on the planet. It should also make for buckets of popcorn being vacuum consumed by an engaged theater going public.

The acting in Man of Steel was superb. From Russell Crowe’s Jor-El to Amy Adams’ Lois Lane, these folks bear a lot of expectations from fans of past incarnations of Superman. Michael Shannon’s General Zod was solid. Terrence Stamp would be proud. As for Henry Cavill he owns the Superman character and doesn’t hold back. He’s obviously ready to lead Superman into at least a decent trilogy of films and a couple of crossovers (can you say Justice League?) and I say let him have it. Not since 1980’s Superman 2 has there been a better portrayal of this difficult to humanize protagonist.

The fight sequences here borrow heavily from the Death of Superman comic book story line in which Superman fights Doomsday. It was epic in the books and it’s even more epic on film.

For some weird reason the product placement didn’t bother me in this movie. After all, the CGI isn’t going to pay for itself and holy hell there’s tons of it. Cheers to IHOP, 7-Eleven, Sears, Nikon and Nokia for paying every CGI animator’s rent for the next 18 months (I’m pretty sure that list of companies is in the correct order from most to least in the sponsorship department).

This isn’t your grandfather’s Superman. This is 1990’s Superman through and through updated for today’s audience- chest hair and all. By the way, thank you Zack Snyder and the great Hollywood gods for keeping him hairy and not making him into an emo Darque Tan pussy.

I liked Man of Steel more than I liked Dark Knight Rises, Iron Man 3 and Amazing Spider-Man and I’m not even really a Superman fan. For what it’s worth that should tell you something. So for the money, go see Man of Steel in all it’s IMAX 3D glory.

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Chuck Livid

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  • There was a lot to like about this movie. Great popcorn flick. And probably the best portrayal of Lois Lane to date. I just thought it was lacking a strong second act and a couple of nit picking details.

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