Marvel characters that need to be on TV/film: Part 3

As Netflix has just released the first of five new television series set in the Marvel cinematic universe, I began to think about other characters that are not currently featured in a film or television show and not currently in pre-production. This is the final list of my three-part series. To find part one click HERE and part two HERE.



The Blade films are a series that, no matter what I’m doing, I’ll always stop to continue watching. A few people don’t realize is that Blade was originally a Marvel superhero. As Blade was being born, a vampire bit his mother and he received half of the traits of being a vampire and half the traits of being a human. He has most of the strengths coming from vampires but none of their weaknesses. As such, he’s strong, superhumanly fast and has heightened senses. Sunlight does not bother him in the least bit and he ages significantly slower than regular humans.

Blade. (Photo credit:
Blade. (Photo credit:

As there have been three solo Blade films, I’d like to see the series rebooted or retconned back in the larger Marvel cinematic universe. Marvel Studios does own the rights for his character and I’d love to see him appear alongside of Doctor Strange and Ghost Rider, as they were previously in a group together named the Midnight Sons. And I’d love to see Wesley Snipes take up the roll again, as I can’t imagine anyone better than him portraying that character.


Ghost Rider

Speaking of Ghost Rider, I’d love to see this series rebooted without Nicolas Cage. It seemed that 20th Century Fox had continued to habitually make crap decisions for this film series. Ghost Rider is an extremely dark character that got an almost comedic take from Cage. Ghost Rider was originally a young guy who sold his soul to the devil to cure his sick father. As soon as his father was cured, he died in a motorcycle accident and his son was then bound to the demon, Zarathos, as was the will of the Devil. His powers grant him superhuman abilities, like immunity to all heat and fire, he has an enchanted hellfire chain and can perform the penance stare, which makes the penitent feel all of the pain that they have themselves caused others. He now goes on to punish those who have done ill.

The Ghost Rider, aka Johnny Blaze. (Photo credit:
The Ghost Rider, aka Johnny Blaze. (Photo credit:

I’d like to see Ghost Rider made properly by Marvel instead of how Columbia Pictures portrayed him. I would also like to see him alongside of Blade and Doctor Strange for either a film or a miniseries of the Midnight Sons.


Silver Surfer

The Silver Surfer is many a fan favorite. Like many superheroes, his is a sad story. Galactus, the world eater, came to feast on his planet. In an attempt to save his planet he promised to search for other planets for Galactus to feed on so that his home world would be spared. To be able to do this, Norrin Radd was gifted the power cosmic and imbued with a surfboard to travel the universe to fulfill this task. The power cosmic grants him superhuman levels of strength, durability, stamina and power. He can travel faster than the speed of light and can manipulate matter and energy around him. After going against the wishes of Galactus to consume Earth, he was marooned to this solar system, never being able to return to his home world.

The Silver Surfer, aka Norrin Radd. (Photo credit:
The Silver Surfer, aka Norrin Radd. (Photo credit:

The Silver Surfer was previously in the 2007 Fantastic Four sequel, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. This film, while likeable, had parts in my opinion that were as equally unlikeable. As this series is currently being rebooted, it is likely that he will appear again, however it is unlikely that he would appear in the first film. If Marvel Studios could reacquire the film rights, I’d love to see the Silver Surfer appear in his own standalone film or be a part of the Guardians of the Galaxy films.


X-23 and Daken

With the majority focus of 20th Century Fox’s X-Men films on Wolverine, it’s surprising to me that we have not yet seen X-23 or Daken. X-23 is a female clone of Wolverine who he treats as a daughter and Daken is Wolverine’s son from a previous relationship. Both have claws that are similar to his and have his healing ability. While for the most part X-23 is good, Daken is most definitely not.

X-23 and Daken. (Photo credit:
X-23 and Daken. (Photo credit:

As 20th Century Fox owns the film rights to X-Men and their characters, the only way we would be able to see these two appear on the big screen would be in one of their films. As there have been a few solo Wolverine, films I can absolutely see them showing up in future films.


The Hood

The Hood is one of my favorite supervillains. Parker Robbins is a petty street criminal who comes into possession of a mystical pair of boots and a hooded cloak. The boots give him the power to levitate while the hooded cloak allows him to disappear while he holds his breath. When angered he can also transform into a demon, gaining extra strength and speed. What he finds out later is that those powers actually come from the demon Dormammu, through whom he gains even more powers such as resurrecting people back from the dead. He always seems to align himself with C-list villains, however he usually has so many of them on hand that he usually comes out victorious.

The Hood, aka Parker Robbins. (Photo credit:
The Hood, aka Parker Robbins. (Photo credit:

The Hood would be a good addition to either the Daredevil series, as he vies to take over the Kingpin’s criminal empire; or in the Doctor Strange films, as Dormammu is one of Doctor Strange’s main archenemies.

As we come to our conclusion, what characters would you have added to this list that I didn’t come up with?


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