Event Preview: MIA Beer Co’s 2nd anniversary party

A couple of years ago I wrote an event preview about a newly opening brewery in Doral, MIA Beer Co. I’m happy to say that two years later that brewery is still going strong. To celebrate, the brewery is hosting a huge party for its second anniversary this upcoming Saturday.

If you like beer there’s definitely going to be a host for you to try. By my last count there’s over 40 beers from the brewery alone! Also, if you’re anything like me you definitely like to try beers that are locally made. Well if you then you’re in luck, because there will also be beer from numerous breweries around the state including Cigar City, Funky Buddha, J. Wakefield, 7venth Sun, Coppertail, Barrel of Monks, Lincoln’s Beard, and The Tank.

One of the must try beers that will be on tap during the party! (Photo credit: MIA Beer Co.)

I was able to speak with MIA Beer Co.’s Tap Room Manager Claudio Menicocci.

TG: Thanks for taking the time to talk with me. It’s been two years since we last spoke, what’s a couple of things that have changed at the brewery since you opened?
CM: We’ve got a canning line and even expanded to Ohio!

Nice! So, tell me about the party going down this Saturday.
It’s MIA’s two-year anniversary! We will have a crazy amount of MIA beers and lots of amazing guest drafts from mainly Florida breweries! There will be lots of awesome food trucks and badass local entertainment!

Where will the party be taking place?
At the brewery, 10400 NW 33rd ST, Doral, FL 33172.

In your opinion, what is the one beer that everybody needs to try on Saturday?
Everyone has got to try the Peligro and Encanto De Amor.

What makes those two beers so special?
Peligro was the recipe of our brewer Piero, who recently passed away and it’s an amazing beer. Encanto De Amor is one of my favorite Berliners Passion fruit and raspberry.

Do we need tickets to attend? If so are they still available? Where can we buy them?
Entrance to the party is free but everything is purchased with tickets. Each ticket is $5, tax included.

Will every beer be available all day or are there set times when the beers are released?
Most of the beers will all be tapped at 2p.m. when the festival starts. There will be no timed trappings. Once a kegs blows, it’s done!

Admission is free and beer is available by tickets. (Photo credit: MIA Beer Co.)

When do you think it would be the best time to arrive?
I would recommend coming at 2p.m.!

Other than great beer, what else do you have going on there that day?
We have an epic list of food trucks and really cool live entertainment, lots of activities for families, face painting, cotton candy etc.

Finally, if the world were to succumb to the events of The Walking Dead, how long would you and the rest of the brewery staff survive? What’s the pecking order, who would be the first to go and who would survive the longest? Why?
I may be the first to go, my cardio is weak! Mike has read all the Walking Dead comics so he might be our Rick…but between us we have lots of guns. I foresee us hunkering down in the brewery for a while before the need to engage in zombie fights.

Thanks, cheers!

Remember, join us on Saturday, February 25 at MIA’s brewery (10400 NW 33rd ST Doral, FL 33172) for MIA Beer Co.’s 2nd Anniversary Party. The party will start at 2 pm and has free admission. Beer sales will be in cash or credit.

(Slider image credit: MIA Beer Co.)

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