MUSIC REVIEWS: Five Brand Spankin’ New Releases to Get Your 2015 Started Right

We’re not even a week into 2015 and things already look promising on the music front.

Here five tasty aural morsels to help you kick off the new year correctly.

Destroy All GondolasS/T
Set for a January 9 release, this four-track seven inch from Italian black surf punk three piece Destroy All Gondolas, with song titles such as “You Fucking Cunt” and “Chrome Fuck,” wears its Turbonegro influences proudly on its sleeve. The production is solid, the overlaid guitars shred deftly and the rhythm section keeps everything tight.

PairsRust Norod

This mix of old and new recordings of varying quality from Shanghai, China two piece Pairs, who describe their sound as “shit rock,” is a fun, varied hodgepodge ranging from the crash and bang of noise rock to more intimate, sweet moments that make one feel almost voyeuristic. Guitarist/vocalist Xiao Zhong and drummer/vocalist F work really beautifully together. This’ll be on my regular rotation for a while. 

Mormon Toasterheadblissful ugly

Morose Chicago shoegaze solo act Ben Klawans, who goes by the moderately catchier Mormon Toasterhead, has been putting out albums on at a frenetic pace for the last three years or so. Marked by low-fi production, minimalist instrumentation and cryptic lyrics, this singer-songwriter vehicle isn’t even the first nom de plume Klawans has operated under (see: Rubber). This is a great jump-on point fro those new to his already substantial body of work.

Saï-TSeven Beats Batch II

Fans of A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul will without a doubt dig this instrumental offering from French beat maker Saï-T, which evokes the summer days of yesteryear with its crisp, snare-heavy drums, jazzy overlays and creative spacing.

The BingersGonna Get You

Released just over a month ago (so… admittedly not exactly “brand spankin’ new,” but new nonetheless), this surf garage punk three piece from the the Windy City’s fourth release grooves its way through four tracks which, both due to their similar structure and uniform production quality, flow almost a little too easily into one another. This is a dash of Tarantino, a pinch of Lynch and even a little Scorcese thrown in for good measure. A fun, albeit brief, ride.


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