My T-shirt Didn’t Fit and It (Almost) Ruined My Life

Welcome back, everyone. So in our last installment, I went on a rant about how a t-shirt should fit you in order to compliment your build. Unlike some scientists who experiment on animals, and such, I tried all of this on myself.

As often happens with us guys, we hold onto t-shirts for a LONG time. Hell, I still have my Guns N’ Roses Use You Illusion shirt from 1992 in a drawer that I can’t bring myself to throw away, but for this example I brought out my Germs GI shirt I’ve had for about 7-8 years. When I bought it, I was a lot heavier – so much so that It was a bit too tight. But one does not look a gift eBay purchase in the mouth:

Now the length isn’t all that bad, but the body of the shirt is REALLY baggy on me. If I were wearing slim or skinny jeans, I’d probably look way too top heavy. The dead giveaway is the shoulder seam:

That seam should be laying ON my shoulder, not and inch and a half below it.

On the same token, a shirt can fit too tight as well. Take this size small Old Navy tee:

It accentuates all the wrong parts of me: my belly and my man boobs. When I raise my arms, my mid-section is not covered. In some ways, wearing your clothes too tight can make you look bigger than wearing them too big.

Now, this is what I consider the right fit for me:

This is an Old Navy size M basic tee. it fits close, but not tight. It’s not ridiculously long or short.

And the shoulder seam hits in just the right place – on my shoulder. That pesky seam is one of the big determiners of fit in a tee, so just like a blazer, when you’re in a store, try on that tee and make sure it fits at the shoulders. If it does, the other factors should fall into place. And yes, your life will improve. A good fit ensures you look good to others, which brings confidence, which brings more good stuff. You’re welcome.

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