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Neopolitan‘s music brings to mind a mix of Miami 80s themes and at times gives the vibe of Goblin sans instruments. It’s original and much needed in this scene where shitty DJs and electronica have lost there way. I chatted with Pedro Caignet about the band and its influences.

Neopolitan’s music seems familiar yet it’s nothing that anyone can point their finger on. What are your influences?

We are influenced mainly by 80s post-disco/synth funk

Do you feel your cultural backgrounds play into your music? Watching you guys live feels like you got that old Caribbean vibe going but with none of the traditional instruments.

Yes in a way. This group is a product of the needs of Miami’s live music quirks. Caribbean band is cool; another good comparison would be the cantina band in Star Wars or Jabba the Hutt’s house band.

How do you feel about the music scene in Miami right now?
Very DJ centered. Live music is tricky in Miami. One of our goals is to redefine how live music is played and enjoyed.
Have you considered doing film soundtracks? Have you been approached?
Absolutely. Billy Corben watched our Halloween set at Gramps and told us he loved it. Fingers crossed!

What’s the most annoying thing that’s happened at one of your shows?
We have a tendency to attract people who ask us the most casual questions while we’re playing, mid song [laughs]. That’s always a fun juggling act!


Catch The Neopolitan live Saturday November 26th for’s “1st Annual After-Thanksgiving Punk Rock Workout Block Party” at Kreepy Tiki in Fort Lauderdale.

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