Every other week I write micro blurb reviews of amazing new music. Below is the latest batch of music that you need to check out.

The Crispies – Pearl


Austria’s The Crispies Pearl EP is my first pick for release of 2015 and we’re just 15 days into the new year. Vocalist Tino Roman takes the listener deep into the human psyche. The band on the other hand is top notch with amazing production behind it. Don’t let the bands’ pretty boy looks fool you their music comes from a real place.

Larry Clark’s 1995 film Kids comes to mind on the band’s first music video for “Pearl”. I can’t wait to see more stuff from this band.

A Total Disappointment – Kill Yourselfie EP

Total Disappointment
Take everything that’s awesome about The Vandals and eliminate everything that sucks about The Vandals and you’ve got A Total Disappointment.


Las Ardillas – Linda Niña 7”

Las Ardillas

Puerto Rico’s Las Ardillas are best known for their over the top live shows but if this two song 7” single is any indication of what’s to come on their upcoming LP then they may have just bested Argentina’s Attaque 77 in spanish punk rock.


Heads Off – Propaganda Machine/Pseudo-Spiritual

Heads Off
The revolution has never sounded so good. Danny Lowe of Big Bad Wow fame has a new project called Heads Off. Sure the music is less radio friendly than his previous projects but the grit works better as a middle finger to the establishment.


Miscalculations – A View for Glass Eyes

Miscalculations are a fun band from London. This is definitely for fans of bands like the Buzzcocks or The Vicious.



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Slider image borrowed from Las Ardillas’ Facebook page.

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