10 New Records That You Need To Jump On Now


Every other week I write micro blurb reviews of amazing new music. Below’s the latest batch of music that you need to check out.

Emil Friis – Sand In Your Eyes


Emil Friis wrote the title track “Sand In Your Eyes” as a song for a movie soundtrack. The process led him to an odyssey that morphed into a full length record that took 3 years to write.  Sand In Your Eyes is a beautiful and deeply personal album. It’s reminiscent of Lou Reed, Bob Dylan and even at times ’90s Bowie. In the end, Friis makes it his own; a powerful and vindicated album.

Top tracks: “Sand In Your Eyes”, “City Of Light”

Toxic Kid – Surviving Degenerate High


If you loved Lookout Records in the ‘90s then you’ll love Toxic Kid. Surviving Degenerate High is the bands latest album and it just screams The Queers circa Love Songs For The Retarded. I truly wish more bands would pick up the mantle of mid-‘90s pop punk bands.

Top tracks: “Rock ‘N’ Roll”, “Wedding Bell Plow”

Ella Morgan – EP


Ella Morgan pours heart and soul on her debut EP. Morgan’s vocals demand your full attention; it’s gritty, on-point and piercing. Think Janis Joplin meets grunge with an acoustic guitar.

Top tracks: “Poison”, “Pieces”

¡Vamanos! – EP


A Brooklyn two-piece lo-fi rock ‘n’ roll blues outfit whose vocals remind me of Lux Interior at times? Yes please!

Top tracks: “Bleeding Blues”, “Low Speed Car Chase”

Modern Problems – Demo 2014

modern problems

Straightedge hardcore from Buffalo, New York. This is by far the best hardcore demo I’ve heard this year. Nuff Said.

Top tracks: “No Regrets For Our Youth”, “What I See”

Paul Jacobs – Mouldy Love


One man garage punk band Paul Jacobs kills it on his latest release. The production on Mouldy Love is rock solid. This being Jacobs’ first release that was captured by tracking each instrument rather than live recording the one piece phenom. Here’s my suggestion Paul, keep tracking your releases and blowing them away live. Mouldy Love is a fun and captivating record.

Top tracks: “Mouldy Love”, “Ocean City”

Designer – 7″


The dudes in Designer create a chaos of sounds on this two song seven incher. A whole seven inches of thick, juicy noise rock.

Top track: “Bye Bye Bible”

Blank Spell – Demo


The brutalest ten minute and twenty-five second demo in recent memory. Can’t wait to get the tape version of this.

Top tracks: ALL OF IT!

Kaninchen – Loss


Kaninchen’s latest is a spoken word record broken into three acts and accompanied by a soundscape of acoustic guitars and noise. A stunning release.

Departure Kids – On The Go


The Departure Kids pull out all the stops with On The Go. Super catchy power-pop from Marseille, France.

Top tracks: “Right Now (Tell Me All About)”, “Suit It Up”

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