Every other week I write micro blurb reviews of amazing new music. Below’s the latest batch of music that you need to check out.

Lunatics On Pogosticks – Slug Cat and Snail Doglunatics

Lunatics on Pogosticks are one of those bands that you want to get Nirvana big for all the right reasons. The songwriting and production are fantastic all around.

Top tracks: “Less Than Sober”, “Do You Think I’m A Taco Bell Kind Of Guy?”

Faggot – A Good Man is Hard to Findfaggot

Faggot is a synth Queercore duo from Leeds, England. This is a really fun album and they’re a great band.

Top tracks: “7 8ths and 2 3rds”, “Never Trust a Sadist”


The Kimberly Steaks – To Live and Die in West Central Scotlandkimberlysteaks

This reminds me of Crimpshrine and really early Lookout Records bands. If that last sentence doesn’t make you want to check out “To Live and Die in West Central Scotland” then you’re already dead inside.

Top tracks: “Wasted days (and lonely nights)” , “Domestic Life”, “No Brainer”


PASS – SelfPass

Portland, Oregon’s PASS has released a proper EP following their phenomenal Demo. I for one am stoked to see this band hone their sound. Tuff Gnarl has nothing but love for PASS. Keep it up dudes!

Top tracks: “La Chute”, “27 Leaches”


Talk Sick Brats – Ehhpeethreesickbrats

The brutalest 4 songs I’ve ever heard on any media.

Top tracks: “Daddy is a Head”, “Layers of Filth”


*Slider image by Fred Rockwood. Image controlled by Creative Commons(CC BY-SA 4.0 license).

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