Every other week I write micro blurb reviews of amazing new music. Below’s the latest batch of music that you need to check out.

Zig Zags – S/T


Zig-Zags long-awaited self-titled album annihilates. As far as debuts are concerned this record is a fucking triumph.

Top tracks: “Brainded Warrior”, “Magic”

Arre! Arre! – Word on the Street


If you’re a fan of early ‘90s riot grrrl bands then Sweden’s Arre! Arre! are going to be right up your alley. Word on the Street is chuck full of unapologetic feminist songs done right.

Top tracks: “Arre! Arre!”, “Tight Ass

Invisible Dracula – Invisible EP!


I’m a sucker for great surf rock and Columbus’ Invisible Dracula are just that. Solid guitar work with outstanding warm studio production.

Top tracks: “Who’s Driving That Carriage?”, “Midnight Beach Party!”

Gross Relations – Wasted Time


Brooklyn has always been a mecca for great bands. Add Gross Relations to the list of exemplary bands from that region. Wasted Time is an honest, bright and upbeat record.

Top tracks: “Payback” , “Car Ride Home”

Vacant Fever – Psychic Vibrations


Seattle’s Vacant Fever reminds me of what makes rock fun. Psychic Vibrations is packed with distorted bass lines, Alice in Chains meets Butthole Surfers guitars and outstanding drumming combined with vocals that nonchalantly squash most vocalists in the genre.

Top tracks: “Assholes & Elbows” , “The Delusion Of Doubles”

Kevin Jack – The Flossy Poindexter EP


Austin rapper Kevin Jack busts out all the stops all his new EP The Flossy Poindexter. Jack is a much needed breath of fresh air in a town known for SXSW and its rock and punk fests. With thumping bass and wicked rhymes The Flossy Poindexter brings it.

Top tracks: “Flossy”, “Kung Fu”

Electric Street Queens – The Brew Cassingle


An eclectic three piece from Boston whose influences include Iggy Pop, Spinal Tap and Denise Lasalle? Fuck yeah. As one of their fans was quoted as saying of their music “Electric Street Queens are a female’s response to Al Bundy’s “No Ma’am Club” ” FUCK YEAH SQUARED! Well what about the music you ask? FUCK YEAH TIMES INFINITY!

Top tracks: “Dontcha Wanna Work At The Brewery”, “Brew-Ha-Ha”

SACRED OWLS / Knife fight- SplitKnife-Fight-Sacred-Owls-Split

Sacred Owls is a Libertarian band from Orlando that bringth the three-chord punk rock. Knife Fight is a Miami based punk band that also brings the jams. Combined they decimate all opponents. Charles Bronson style.

Elbowdrop- Satanic Annabel


Unforgiving balls to the wall heavy Rock ‘n’ Roll. Nuff Said.

Tops tracks: “God Damn”, “Satanic Annabel”

Cadaver Dogs – Too Much


For all of those that say that Rock ‘n’ Roll is dead- I say, listen to Cadaver Dogs. Cadaver Dogs is the kind of band that will make you pee blood and question your life.

Top tracks: “Black Out The Blues” , “Leaner, Meaner”

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