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Every other week I write micro blurb reviews of amazing new music. Below is the latest batch of music that you need to check out.

Fabuloso Combo Espectro – La Herencia de los Caracteres Adquiridos


Spanish underground rockers Fabuloso Combo Espectro sound like nothing you’ve heard before. Their upcoming release La Herencia de los Caracteres Adquiridos is a mishmash of punk vocals, horns, Sonic-Youth-meets-Greg-Ginn guitars and synth elements that merge together brilliantly. This record just made my top records of 2014 list.

Top Tracks: “Crisis,” “Cría Ciervos,” “Sudor Africano.”

Audacity – Japan EP 7”


Another solid release from Recess Records. This three-song seven incher continues Audacity’s charming and catchy garage pop-punk song writing tradition.

Top tracks: “Cold Rush,” “Fun Spot.”

The Mants – Destroyed By Fuzz 7″


The Mants are a powerful garage fuzz punk from Calgary. As a fan of the San Francisco’s Rip-Offs I must say that this is a lot like that band although I’ll give The Mants credit for having better masks. This is definitely for fans of fuzz guitars and bitchin’ rock ‘n’ roll! Destroyed By Fuzz is well worth the cost of entry.

Top tracks: “Destroyed By Fuzz.”

Kiz & Legin – S/T

Toronto-based Kiz & Legin are a duo that mix all sorts of genres and spit out some really intriguing tracks. This is, in the words of Ninja of Die Antwoord, “some next level shit.”

Top tracks: “Million,” “Shake,” “Never Leave.”

The Solicitors – If You Let Me Hold You / Quicksand 7”


Power pop done right. The Solicitors are a four-piece from Melbourne, Australia that delve deep with hooks and sweet pop melodies. I can’t help but think of Elvis Costello and the Attractions while listening to this two-song 7”. Watch the video below for their song “If You Let Me Hold You” to see what looks like Guardians of the Galaxy’s own Chris Pratt playing bass.

Top tracks: “Quicksand,” “If You Let Me Hold You.”

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