INTERVIEW: Colorado Springs’ Nobodys talk new album, P.C. fanaticism & Justin Disease’s departure

The Nobodys Return.

I always held a sweet spot for The Nobodys growing up, as the band’s fierce and pounding short songs served as soundtrack to most of my high school years. Hell, my old band The Slops even covered Nobodys classics like “Kielbasa Queen” and “I Love To Fuck.” As far as I’m concerned they’re one of the greatest bands from the ’90s and their record, Generation XXX, is the last perfect album of the last millennium.

For those unfamiliar with the band’s music, they had songs about everything from masturbation to the death penalty and to be fair no other band has pulled it off quite like them since. Justin Disease’s hypnotizing floor tom/snare combos in 4/4 time mixed with J.J.’s overly crude lyrics and bagged with Randy’s wild guitars are one of the most perfect unions in punk rock history.

I’ve always respected the band for having the balls to play tunes that’d get you banned in certain circles. What today would be considered politically incorrect was once a staple of freedom of speech in punk rock. Don’t let their silly little tunes fool you. No new band would dare play a song like “Just Another Cunt” for sheer fear of being ostracized from certain venues or scenes. The Nobodys are now more important than ever.

I was given the opportunity to preview the new unreleased Nobodys record with a slightly different lineup that adds A. Disease on guitar and Steve (of Buck-O-Nine fame) on drums and I must say that the record flat out works. The tunes are there. The sexual angst is there. The Nobodys are back, folks. flew me to Denver to do an exclusive, catch up with the band and discuss their new album, line-up and what awaits fans in the future.

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Chuck Livid

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