Look like a grownup, dammit!

As I have grown into the man I am today, I

“God Hates Astronauts” Review

God Hates Astronauts – Volume 1: The Head That Wouldn’t Die!

Smitty the Band: “The World I See” Review

Smitty the Band The World I It is unfair to list

Clergy Men – Not A Lot (of Bad Things) To Say

Upon first hearing Long Beach, California’s Clergy Men, I was all

Clergy Men – A Band With Not Much To Say

I came across this bitchin’ band from Long Beach, California called

This Sucks! TUFF GNARL Staffers Pick: The Top 10 Most Embarrassing-to-Own ‘90s Albums

The ‘90s, as an era of music, was one of stark

Iron Savior “Rise Of The Hero” Review

  A few weeks ago, it came to my attention that

In Loving Memory of Fred Phelps Sr., A Musical Tribute

Millions of caring and understanding hearts are saddened today by the

“Contracted” Review

Contracted (2013) Starring Najarra Townsend, Caroline Williams and Alice MacDonald Written

TUFF GNARL Staffers Pick: The Top 10 Best Albums of the ’90s

For almost all of us, the 1990s was a beloved era

An Interview With The Riot Act’s Christian Clarke

I remember getting  a demo submission in the mail a few

Ukraine 2 – USA 0, Observations on the Road to the World Cup

Exhibition and friendly matches serve different purposes for different people. For

8 Questions With Ft. Lauderdale’s SANDRATZ

It hasn’t been that long since SANDRATZ came onto the music

Young Musicians’ Annual Fundraiser this Friday at the Light Box in Wynwood

Sammy Gonzalez might best be known to our locals and beyond

An Interview with Sydney’s – Propeller

I listen to a lot of new music. And I do

NEW PODCAST- Hangin’ Tuff with Chuck Livid Episode 7

On the 7th episode of Hangin’ Tuff with Chuck Livid, Chuck welcomes