Abel’s 4000 Albums That Matter: Part Forty-Five

I am Gurzil, Berber God of War. I am fueled by

INTERVIEW: Guitarist/Instructor Jen Trani Will Fix Your Attitude

I asked Jen Trani: “What’s your go-to move if you get

EVENT: “30 Days of Rock” Brings Musicians & Strangers Together in Miami

What started as an impromptu 2012 Facebook request asking people to


Every other week I write micro blurb reviews of amazing new

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The Innovator of Violence. The “heart and soul” of ECW. Whatever

The Top Ten Best Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies

Arnold Schwartzenegger. Ahh-nold. Arnie. The Styrian Oak. The Governator. He’s gone

Great Odin’s beard, Thor’s a woman!?!?

Making the media rounds is Marvel Comics’ latest release and new

Abel’s 4000 Albums That Matter: Part Forty-Four

I’ve been feeling ambivalent lately towards this little vanity project of

INTERVIEW: Actress/Stuntwoman Lauren Shaw is “Relentless”

Most people take stunt work as a means to break into

FICTION – Huge, Huge, Huge Pentagram

  I wrote this in 2011.  I am neither a Satanist

COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Wynter — Issues 1 & 2

The tech of Minority Report meets the grit of Robocop meets

FICTION: They Live on the Other Side of Language – Part One/Chapter Four

Big Joe Wilson wants to stay rational, but a cult has

PRO WRESTLING REVIEW: The Launch — Ronin Pro Wrestling’s First Event

A few weeks ago, I previewed Ronin’s upcoming event that took

FANTASY FOOTBALL – Waiver Wire grabs for week 5

In a weekend of blowout comebacks, it was the Giants who

Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson: 4 Ways the UFC Can Boost His Popularity

The sentiment leading up to UFC 178: Johnson vs. Cariaso was

RIP Edward F. Crowell II – A Miami Artist

This past weekend, the Miami art scene was rocked by the