Philanthropy Miami 2016 “Shark Tank”

Philanthropy Miami 2016 is using the “Shark Tank” model this year in its grant-giving competition. While all of the second round contenders are worthy of the prize, only four will go on to the next round.

This second phase is determined by the public’s vote and as I’ve been a part of the DESIGN YOUR EVERYDAY (DYE) project, I urge you to please vote for our multifaceted, hands-on exhibition and collaborative partnership within the Innovation Labs at the new Frost Science Museum.

The project will focus on instilling creative and critical thinking by examining the intersections of design and art with developments in science, engineering, and technology. It will be bolstered by representational objects, in-house support mechanisms, key community alliances, and a virtual presence extending beyond our physical walls.

With the benefits of Learning-Through-Making and Object-Based Learning, DYE is poised to make a positive and lasting impact on the community, our youth, and the 16 – 25 year of age demographic.

From the Philanthropy Miami e-blast:

It’s time to vote for our 4 finalists! 

The eight semi-finalists for Philanthropy Miami’s 2016 Shark Tank

competition have been selected!

Before you cast your vote please take the time to read all 8 Shark Tank project descriptions, please see below. You are welcome to send the e-blast to your constituents. Please note that the public will be able to vote for one choice on-line (One vote for each email address is the rule) and you will have four days to vote.

The voting deadline will be 5:00 PM on Friday, February 19th  

Then, on Monday, February 22nd, the 4 Philanthropy Miami Shark Tank Finalists will be announced.

When you are ready to vote CLICK HERE!

Thank you again for considering DESIGN YOUR EVERYDAY and please share the link with your friends and family. This will be an awesome experience for guests of the Museum, but more importantly, it will be a wonderful form of supplementary education for many young people in Miami-Dade County.

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