Ep. 305 Christian Coffins of Sacred Owls

Another Music Podcast Episode #305 – Sacred Owls

Chuck Livid sits in with singer/songwriter Christian Coffins of Orlando’s Sacred Owls. We chat about his late ’90s Miami pop punk band The Roonies, horror films’ influence on his music, the U.S. government’s role in subversive acts against its citizens, the band’s Owl Mobile, his screen print shop Coffins Print Shop, Miami’s In Occulus, Rat Bastard crankiness and much, much more.

Chuck Livid and Christian Coffins in front of Sacred Owls’ infamous Owl Mobile.

Tracks played on this episode:

The Roonies “Late Night with Conan O’Brien”, Sacred Owls “Inside Job”, Sacred Owls “Rid Yourself of Care”, Menudo Death Squad “Pogo Bastard”, Armageddon Man “Act of Kindness”, The Knumbskulls “Toxic Zero”, The Roonies “My Girlfriend Likes Girls But She Also Likes Me” and Sacred Owls “Death Wish.”

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Chuck Livid

Chuck Livid hails from Miami, Florida. He did a zine in the '90s called Muddy Chaos and is best known for his work with independent music label Livid Records. Chuck lives in Boca Raton, Fl with his wife illustrator Helena Garcia and their son Nico. He founded TuffGnarl.com and hosts TuffGnarl.com's official music podcast - Another Music Podcast which is available on iTunes & Google Play

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