Primitive Sounds For A Modern World, Let’s Get Depressed

Jonny Manak and his crew (well, rhythm section anyways) of Depressives have added another full-length into their ever-growing arsenal of Turbojugend-approved musical missives. Is it new and world-shattering? No. Is it solid rock and roll that invites the notions of narcotics, alcohol and beach babes shivering in the ‘Frisco fog? Yes. It’s a solid mish-mash of 50’s/60’s pop and surf with the flagrant excessive-ness of New York punk and roll of the 70’s and the meatier moments of more contemporary outfits like Turbonegro, The Hives and the International Noise Conspiracy.


I’m getting some strong hints of the Oblivians on this album. I’m not too far off am I? Well, fuck it if I am. It’s dirty leather rock and roll time!!! Seven studio tracks and six live ones on this platter.

If these guys had released a 7″ in 1996 on Lookout! Records, the cover would’ve been that boring yet requisite band photo in their leathers (or in this case, homemade denims) against a brick wall. Thankfully that’s not the case and they have enough humor in themselves to parody Steve Martin’s The Jerk in an earlier effort. They have a pretty sweet deal going on their site where you can pick up their entire vinyl catalog for $35 here. Not a bad deal as I’m sure these discs along with this new one, Primitive Sounds For a Modern World, are sure to delight and entertain for hours on end.

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Abel Folgar

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