R.I.P. Clarence Reid, aka Blowfly

There isn’t much that I can add to the conversation concerning the death of Clarence Reid, aka Blowfly.

He was a musical legend and a pioneer and he will be missed by a great many and many more will never experience him live and have him point that insanely long middle finger at them while uttering one of his trademark dick-killing curses.

If he’s gone to Heaven, he’ll have the angels in stitches.

If he’s gone to Hell, he’ll drive the Devil crazy with observational parodies and tunes of life there.

Wherever he’s gone, he’ll be sure to brighten up their day.

Let’s rap dirty one final time.


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Abel Folgar

Scoundrel, bon vivant, rocanrolero, fútbol cretin... giving into flights of poesy whenever the whiskey's free. Caracas, VZ/Miami, FL. Follow me on Twitter @abelf77.

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