RDGLDGRN Self-Titled LP Review



(Red, Gold, and Green)

RDGLDGRN is an excited blend of indie-rock, hip-hop, and what I would call, summer-jam-band music. I was lucky enough to catch these guys at Revolution Live September 10th in Fort Lauderdale. I came out mostly to see Grieves for his killer flow, and to catch Pepper, because I was totally unfamiliar with their music. I would have to say my, “Holy fucking shit, who the Hell are these guys?” Performance of the Year Award goes to RDGRNGLD. I did a little looking around the inter-webs and found out that not only did Pharrell from N.E.R.D. co-write and co-produce a song, “Doing the Most,” for them, but Dave Grohl played drums on the entire record, save one track, “A Million Fans.” For a band I’d never heard before 24 hours prior I’m damned impressed.


(RDGLDGRN with Dave Grohl)

Standout songs for me on this self-titled release:

“Doing the Most,” the song that Pharrell co-wrote. I love guitar work and vocal back and forth. The lyrical break down in the bridge is fantastic as well.“Power Ups,” was driving me insane because there is a point in the song, which begins “I’m feeling like a color, everywhere I go…” and I was certain I heard that entire phrase of lyrics before. It’s one of those songs a friend shares with you. It was found online or yoinked from Sound Cloud or wherever, and it gets added to a playlist you listen to for a solid year. It turns out that RDGLDGRN used to be members of The Five One, along with former band mate, Blue. They split about a year and a half ago, just before the release of RED BLUE GREEN GOLD. That project became RDGLDGRN, and is responsible for my auditory satisfaction. So I tore apart my music library’s Hip-Hop section and after a while came across The Five One’s “Need You More,” or at least that’s what the title is in my collection. It’s responsible for one of my favorite closing lyrical stanzas, “I don’t think that I’m better than you, I just got better things to do than you.”

“All I Got Is Now,” is a great track. I love the lyrics, “A man who’s slowly killing time, knows it’s slowly killing him.” Poignant. It’s the kind of song that motivates, a get off your ass and do something type song. If that one didn’t work listen to “Bang Bang.” That should get you off the couch. If it does not, maybe you dislike fun. Probably, you aren’t listening to it by choice, and sometimes wonder why Merle Haggard doesn’t tour more often.

The rest of the album is killer, too. I’d say that all of the remainder of the songs on this album are equally as good as one another. If you want a little more hip-hip, less rock, check out “”Million Fans.” The album ends with “Double Dutch,” a nice smooth finish.

Final Judgment: I’m stoked that this band surprised me last night. I hadn’t a clue they were touring with Grieves and Pepper; Musical Christmas in September. If you enjoy Indie Rock in general, summer festivals, or having fun, go listen to RDGLDGRN. I think it would damn near impossible to remain unhappy with this album playing. I recommend them highly.

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