REVIEW: Hepatagua / Armageddon Man / House of Lightning at Kreepy Tiki



Fresh off assignment from Denver’s Riot Fest I quickly looked for some local shows to cover and found that Armageddon Man was playing Kreepy Tiki on a Tuesday. So I grabbed my gear, got into my car and rushed off to Ft. Lauderdale. As I’m walking into the joint I realize that this isn’t another “locals only” gig and that a touring band was playing –that band turns out to be sludge / doom metal two-piece Hepatagua from Boston, Mass. Fuck I hadn’t even heard of these dudes before but if the sounds that were coming out Kreepy Tiki were any indication of the kind of show that was going to be then I’d happily part with an Alexander Hamilton. It turned out that those mean licks leaking out of the ol’ Kreepy were furnished by South Florida’s House of Lightning.

As I walked into the bar I needed to part with a few more dead presidents and bartender / local badass and former Party Flager Casidy Moser was more than willing to comply. One Narragansett turned to five and the show evolved into all sorts of crazy. Unfortunately I missed openers Iron Buddha and Ta Bien. House of Lightning brought heavy riffs with insane guitar leads and Dinosaur Jr style vocalizations. Solid stuff. Next up was Armageddon Man. A.M. is like a ticking time bomb of rock ‘n’ roll. Fronted by Tim Moffatt of AC Cobra fame this band is the equivalent of the baking soda and vinegar science experiments of elementary school substituting of course those ingredients with booze and cocaine – pure punk rock ‘n’ roll.

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Lastly Hepatagua took the stage. These dudes are no joke. Sludge as thick as fucking molasses. They reminded me of Miami’s Holly Hunt if Gavin Perry sang. Hepatagua is seriously worth your time. I’ve linked their EP Worms below.

This show deserved way better attention to promotion. I feel like too many people these days rely way too heavily on Facebook events. The turnout was abysmal and that’s no fun when you’re a touring band especially one coming from so far. We as a scene need and can do better to make bands like Hepatagua feel more at home. Hopefully this experience doesn’t leave a shitty taste in their mouths and they’ll return to South Florida in the future.

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Chuck Livid

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