The Causticles “Eric Gottesman” Review



At first listen, I didn’t like Eric Gottesman at all. There’s way too much of the same high pitched, monotone yelling and the synth-loops were not doing it for me. I recognized several of the samples from nameless movies I’ve caught in passing, and selected old public safety videos and things of the like. Good choices were made and they fit the song in which they were used. Certain songs had amusing lyrics, such as Stranger Danger, but after 4+ minutes of samples and screaming, I felt like I was trapped in a bad cartoon; A cartoon where everyone screams over the music.

I decided to give the album a second chance, a third, but I couldn’t get through the fourth. Perhaps it’s going to sound good to certain niche groups that like this sort of thing. Pubating young boys trying to impress a young hipster skank in a dark, smoky teen center, anyone in a gothic/fetish club, or… corpses, perhaps. I feel almost unfair disliking it, but truth be told, while it isn’t bad, it isn’t very good either. There is not anything that stands out to me as unique or atypical of the genre here. It’s like She Wants Revenge and My Chemical Romance had a baby that was beaten severely for not living up to expectations, who then struck out on it’s own to sing about acid induced hallucinations.

Don’t get me wrong, I can tell the musicians behind this album have talent and skill. This is simply not for everyone. In fact, it’s hardly for anyone. I say, “You’re doing something creative! Rock on, Causticles!” Just stick to your market.

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