REVIEW: Ronin Pro Wrestling III – Part One

Mikaze goes airborne. | Photo: Speedy's Productions

Mikaze goes airborne. | Photo: Speedy’s Productions

This past Saturday at the Ft. Lauderdale War Memorial Auditorium, Ronin Pro Wrestling held their third affair. The match card was chalk full of adrenaline filled matches and some great surprises. Here’s my breakdown of the evening:

Mikaze vs. Mr. 450

For the third event in a row Mikaze opened up the night and wowed the crowd. Both wrestlers went back and forth with a plethora of knife-edge chops exchanges. Mr. 450 looked to gain the upper hand at one point after swinging Mikaze into the steel ring barrier, but thanks to an impressive reversal, Mikaze used the opportunity to hit the “Ninja Star Senton” and secure the victory, moving to 3-0.

Grade: A+
Once again Mikaze delivered. Mr.450 had an equally great showing. This is a match I definitely would love to see happen again.

Sorensen hits a superkick on Swellington. | Photo: Speedy's Productions

Sorensen hits a superkick on Swellington. | Photo: Speedy’s Productions

Aaron Solow & Jesse Sorensen vs. Joey Bricco & Buff Swellington

Over the past few weeks Bricco was seen running into Sorensen at a bar. Without the protection of Donovan, Bricco bit off more than he could chew. Solow and Bricco went at each other quickly in a solid back and forth then Solow made the move to tag in Sorensen. While it appeared Sorensen would finally get his hands on Bricco in he ring, Swellington quickly tagged himself in. As soon as he could get in the ring, Sorensen gave him a super kick for his trouble and an easy 3 count gave Solow and Sorensen the victory, leaving Bricco and Swellington to retreat back to the locker room.

Grade: B-
Once again Sorensen got the best of Bricco and friends. Things could get interesting in January as I’m sure Swellington isn’t happy about getting knocked out twice by Sorensen’s super kick.


Fatal Four Way Hardcore Match
Justin Credible vs. Jude Mackenzie vs. Mad Man Pondo vs. Bram

Hands down this was the match of the night as all three hardcore legends came into the ring weapons in hand- stop signs, kendo sticks and a bat with a saw built into it. Mackenzie found himself outgunned grabbing his weapon of choice under the ring, a helmet. It worked until Credible caught Mackenzie with a kendo stick to the back. With all the weapons in play Pondo was caught on the wrong end of a headshot and was busted open. Pondo and Bram focused on each other as they spilled out ringside and battled through the auditorium until exiting completely. Meanwhile, Mackenzie and Credible stirred back to their feet in the ring. Mackenzie went toe to toe with the legend but Credible would get the best of Mackenzie by hitting him with a tombstone pile driver onto a trashcan for the win.

Grade: A+
These four worked fantastic together and Mackenzie being the odd man out really held his own and put on a great match.

Justin Credible shows his feelings at the end of the fatal 4-way. | Photo: Speedy's Productions

Justin Credible shows his feelings at the end of the fatal 4-way. | Photo: Speedy’s Productions

Shawn Prime vs. Jonny Vandal

Last month Prime viciously attacked Vandal after a match with Eddie Graves. Vandal looking to even the score went mano-a-mano with Prime quickly. Every time Vandal would attempt to mount an offensive Prime would use sheer size advantage to take him down and pummel him with punches. Vandal finally had enough managing to dive at Prime outside of the ring shifting the momentum. As both men made their way back into the ring Vandal mounted an impressive offense culminating with two super kicks and a backstabber. The quick onslaught gave Vandal just enough time to roll up Prime for the three count and the victory. After the match, a disgruntled Prime pummeled Vandal then asked who was next. After exchanging words with Ronin promoter Mike Broder, Prime was given an ultimatum. Refusing to comply, Prime was informed he was fired from Ronin Pro Wrestling as Donovan came to remove him from the ring area.

Grade: B
The story between these two is probably far from over and now it seems that Prime won’t be back under the Ronin flag. Could there be a CM Punkesque moment coming with Prime showing up in the crowd? Time will tell with what transpired this past Saturday.

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