‘Revival’ by Tim Seely and Mike Norton


Story by Tim Seeley
Art by Mike Norton and Mark Englert

It may be fair to say that the zombie market – like everything else cool – has been past the point of over-saturation for some time.  In fact, most true fans of the genre probably hung it up the moment the word “zombie” began “trending” on social media.  Granted, The Walking Dead has been a stalwart comic for 100+ issues and has been developed into a truly fantastic television series but really, haven’t we had our fill of reanimated dead things?  Not just yet.

Take a look at one of the most underrated and strongest comics on the market that gives “undead” an entirely new meaning.  Not only are Tim Seeley and Mike Norton responsible for (arguably) the best covers in comics for the last year, they are delivering a large, complex story with a myriad of fascinating characters.

Revival, in its third arc with issue #15 on stands now, has given us a deeply textured and beautifully illustrated story about a small town in Wisconsin that is dealing with a rather unique problem – on one day, called “Revival Day,” the dead came back to life though not as you have been conditioned to expect.  Rather than decrepit, flesh-hungry walking corpses, Seeley and Norton have given us a town populated with undead who look, talk, and act as though nothing is amiss.  Battling this phenomenon, the story focuses on Officer Dana Cypress and her family.  Dana’s father is the police chief who has tasked his eldest daughter with negotiating the media, religious zealots, and government quarantine quagmires that “Revival Day” has brought with it.

Dana finds herself investigating a brutal murder associated with one of the revived while trying to balance her home life as a single mother to Cooper, who seems to share an odd connection with the disembodied spirits roaming the woods behind his house.  Add in one of the best characters in comics right now, Dana’s college-aged sister Martha (who just so happens to be one of the revived herself), and readers could not ask for a stronger foundation on which to begin their journey through rural Wisconsin, encountering everything from incestuous siblings to body-part-smuggling lunatics.   Amidst gun-loving nutjobs, small town drama, and political red tape, Dana has her work cut out for her.

Near flawless pencils and colors that augment an already spooky aura buttress one of the most involved and engrossing stories one can find and, combined, they make this comic a can’t-miss.

The first two arcs are available in trade paperback – Vol.1 and Vol. 2 – and are well worth picking up, even for non-comic book fans.



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Matt Forster

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