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Robert DeLong hails from Seattle. That town has been responsible for some very excellent bands over the years. Must be the rain… Or maybe it’s the drugs. This is happy sounding music with contrastingly angst-y feeling lyrics. Not every song has something to say. A few are simply a few phrases repeated over the dance rhythm, but solid and bold for the genre nonetheless. I’ve heard far worse; that fucking Little Fluffy Clouds song from The Orb, for example. I wanted to cauterize my eardrums with a curling iron when that shit came on.

The first thing generally noticed about an album is the cover art. Admittedly, I’m an asshole when it comes to aesthetics. I like what I like and while some things do indeed grow on me, lousy or lazy art will flat out turn me off. So if a band has a shitty cover, they’re facing an uphill battle to keep hold my attention. DeLong got it right, though, so I was happy to find I enjoyed the music, too. His sound reminds me of Gotye a bit, though far more influenced by dance music.

I’ll use the word message lightly here because this is dance music, but there are some strong lyrics and a few really caught my ear. “You call that progress, but its just movement.” It seems poignant currently. “It’s not God that made us different,” is another lyric I liked. In fact, the song Few Years Make, caught me off guard because of how close to home some of it was, particularly, “I closed my eyes and  saw that I was never old or young or smart, I was everyone I’d ever met that I never loved enough.” I also feel perhaps that a play on words was made with Just Movement being the title; another way of saying “righteous action,” perhaps? Maybe I’m giving the guy too much credit, but it seems clever and I like it.

Stand-out tracks for me were Just MovementGlobal Concepts, and Survival of the Fittest. There’s an ambient track titled, “________,” that was also rather pretty. Survival… has what I consider to be the best beat on the album. It’s filthy as fuck, and that’s a great thing for glitchy electronic dance music. All in all, I’d recommend Robert DeLong to fans of Penguin Prison, Gotye, The Scissor Sisters, or Matt and Kim. Just Movement is certainly worth a look if you’ve been searching for a break from Electronica’s more formulaic stuff.

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